MCQs on Current Affairs for the month of September 2015 (9)

1. _______will be honoured with lifetime achievement award at the 6th Jagran Film Festival.
a) Shatrughan Sinha
b) Amitabh Bachchan
c) Firoz Khan
d) Shashi Kapoor

2. NASA recently find water on which planet?
a) Mercury
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Venus

3.Which Country has successfully launched 20th new generation satellite for its BeiDou Navigation system?
a) China
b) Japan
c) India
d) The United States of America

4. Foreign ministers of India, Japan and the United States held their first trilateral meeting in
a) New York
b) Paris
c) Doha
d) New Delhi

5.Who has won silver medal at 2015 Asian Air Gun Championship?
a) Vijay Kumar
b) Gurpeet Singh
c) Abhinav Bindra
d) Dr. Karni Singh

6. India ranks________  on a global index of the world’s most competitive economies.
a) 52nd
b) 100
c) 55th
d) 10th

7. According to the FT data service, Which country has emerged on top of the foreign direct investment league table?
a) The United States of America
b) China
c) Japan
d) India
8. The WHO took ________the list of polio-endemic countries, hailing a “historic achievement”.
a) Nigeria
b) Nepal
c) Sudan
d) India
9. Who won the Japanese Grand Prix ?
a) Nico Rosberg
b) Lewis Hamiltion
c) Sebastian Vettel
d) Kimi Räikkönen

10. A noted environmentalist, who played a crucial role in planting mangroves in various parts of Kerala, has died. Name the person.
a) Mansukhlal Raghavjibhai Prajapat
b) Mike Pandey
c) Bhumi
d) Kallen Pokkudan



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