MCQs on Percussion Instruments -15

1. Aadi-Deva of Avanaddha Vadyas
(A) Brahma
(B) Vishnu
(C) Mahesh
(D) Ganesh

2. The percussion instrument used with ‘Lawani’ of Maharashtra is
(A) Changa
(B) Upanga
(C) Dholak
(D) Naal

3. The fraction depicting Layakari of Ku-aad
(A) 3/4
(B) 5/4
(C) 7/4
(D) 9/4

4. Assertion (A): The mukh (basic) of Quaida is played in dugun/chougun and after improvisations it ends with a Tihai.
Reason (R): Because Quaida is a non-expandable composition.

(A) (A) correct, (R) wrong.
(B) (A) correct, (R) correct.
(C) (A) wrong, (R) correct.
(D) (A) wrong, (R) wrong.

5. Who got the highest fame for playing ‘NA DHIN DHIN NA’?
(A) Samta Prasad
(B) Alla Rakha
(C) Karmatulla
(D) Anaukhelal

6. Alla Rakkha Khan belongs to Gharana of
(A) Delhi
(B) Lucknow
(C) Farukhabad
(D) Punjab
Answer: (D)

7. On which part ‘M’ Varna is played of ‘Dhumakit’?
(A) Chaanti
(B) Syahi
(C) Lava
(D) Gajara

8. Tabla player who was famous for composing jodas of Gat
(A) Haji Vilayat Ali
(B) Salari Miyan
(C) Sidhar Khan
(D) Gudai Maharaj

9. A phrase of tabla syllables played three times is called
(A) Tihai
(B) Chakradar
(C) Gat
(D) Theka

10. Artist who had command equally over Tabla and Pakhawaj both
(A) Laljee Gokhale
(B) Ismail Daddukhan
(C) Prem Vallabha
(D) Rosevel Layal

11. First well-known lady tabla player
(A) Dr. Yogmaya Shukla
(B) Dr. Aban E.Mistri
(C) Rimpa Shiva
(D) Anuradha Pal

12. Match the following:
  List – I            List – II
i Guitar          1. Budhaditya Mukherjee
ii Sitar           2. V.G. Jog
iii Violin         3. Brij Bhushan Kabra
iv Shehnai    4. Jagannath Pacheriwal

            i           ii          iii         iv
(A)       2          4          3          1
(B)       3          2          4          1
(C)       3          1          4          2
(D)       3          1          2          4

13. ‘Dhumali’ Taal is befitting for the style of singing
(A) Dhamar
(B) Khayal
(C) Tappa
(D) Bhajan/Quawali

14. Composition played in uninterrupted flow set in fast tempo
(A) Peshkar
(B) Rela
(C) Bant of Theka
(D) Tihai

15. Tilwada Theka accompanies the singing style of
(A) Thumri
(B) Ghazal
(C) Bada Khyal
(D) Chhota Khyal



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