MCQs on Rabindra Sangeeth -7

1. Which Rabindra Sangeet is composed in Raga Malkauns?
(A) A parobase Rabe ke
(B) Anondodhara Bahiche Bhuwane
(C) Anando Loke Mangaloke
(D) Alo amar aalo ogo

2 Which percussion instrument is generally used for accompaniment with Kirtan-Ang song?
(A) Anand Lahari
(B) Pakhwaj
(C) Sri Khol
(D) Mridang

3. Which classical vocal style is influenced Rabindranath Tagore mostly?
(A) Drupad
(B) Dhamar
(C) Tappa
(D) Khyal

4. Which taal is founded by Rabindranath Tagore?
(A) Jhaptal
(B) Dadra
(C) Rupkara
(D) Teentaal

5. Which song is not composed in Shasthi Taal?
(A) Aei lobhinu sango tabo
(B) Je dhuvopado diyecho badhi
(C) Aamare jodi jagale aasinath
(D) Kapichhe deholata

6 The character Amar is in which Rabindranath’s Gitinatya
(A) Balmiki Pratibha
(B) Mayar Khela
(C) Kalmrigaya
(D) Natir Puja

7. Which is not a drupadang composition of Rabindranath Thakur?
(A) Bani Tabo Dhaye
(B) Shubro Aasone Birajo
(C) Nibiro Ghano Aadhare
(D) Kotha Je Odhao

8. Which song is not included in the “Vichitra Paryaye” section of Rabindra Sangeet?
(A) Tomar holo suru, amar holo sara
(B) Sudhu jaoya aaso, sudhu srote bhasa
(C) Anander e sagor hote asechhe aj baan
(D) Amar mon mane na dino rajoni

9. Which set is correct for the song “Tomare e Koriaachhi Jibaner Dhurvotara”?
(A) Prem, Jhaptal
(B) Puja, Jhaptal
(C) Swadeshi, Ektal
(D) Prem, Tiwra

10. What is name of Rabindranath Thakur’s wife?
(A) Mrinalini
(B) Soudamini
(C) Indira
(D) Kadambini

11.In which book, all writings of Tagore is compiled?
(A) Vishwa Veena
(B) Sangeet Chinta
(C) Kalantar
(D) Tatvabodhini

12.Last song composed by Tagore was
(A) Tumi to seijabeichole
(B) O he jeebanballav
(C) Deep nibhegechemomo
(D) Oei Mahamanab Ase

13.‘Bhenge Mor Gharer Chabi’ song is based on which category?
(A) Kirtan
(B) Baul
(C) Swadesh
(D) Sari Gaan

14. ‘Bajao-re Mohan Banshi’ song is from which Kavya Geeti of Tagore?
(A) Balaka
(B) Manasi
(C) Ritu-rang
(D) Bhanu Singher Padavali

15. Hriday Amar Nache-re Ajike’ song is included in which ‘Kabya Granth’?
(A) Chitra
(B) Kalpana
(C) Kshanika
(D) Kheya



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