1. Characteristics of Industrial Relations do not include:

(A) Industrial Relations are outcome of employment relationship in an industrial enterprise.
(B) Industrial Relations promote the skills and methods of adjustment and co-operation with each other.
(C) Industrial Relations create complex rules and regulations to maintain cordial relations.
(D) Industrial Relations system creates an environment of distrust and conflict.

2. Who are not the Actors of Industrial Relations?

(A) Workers and their organisations
(B) Employers and their organisations
(C) Community and cultural associations
(D) Government and the role of the State

3. Match List – I with List – II:

List – I
List – II
a. Joint Management Council consisting of

representatives of workers and management was

considered by the Indian Labour Conference (ILC)

 in its 15th Session in the year   

i. 1958
b. Works Committees were set-up under the Industrial  Disputes Act in the year 

ii. 1947

c. ILO established in the year

iii. 1919
d. First National Commission on Labour submitted its report in the year
iv. 1969

      a       b      c       d
(A) i        ii      iii      iv
(B) iv      i       iii       ii
(C) iii      i       ii       iv
(D) ii     iv        i       ii

4. Which of the following trends in the employment relations in the new economic era is not correct?

(A) Declining stability and security
(B) Declining labour intensity
(C) No shift from contract of service to contract of service
(D) Declining mutual commitment

5. A Trade Union means “An association of workers in one or more professions carried on mainly for the purpose of protecting and advancing the members’ economic interest in connection with their daily work”.

Identify the author:

(A) Sidney and Beatrice Webb
(B) J. Cunnison
(C) G.D.H. Cole
(D) Clyde E. Dankert

6. Who among the following advocated the Trusteeship Theory of Trade Union?

(A) N.M. Lokhande
(B) B.P. Wadia
(C) G.L. Nanda
(D) M.K. Gandhi

7. Inter and intra-union rivalry in Trade Unions is reduced by

(A) The provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947
(B) By voluntary tripartite code of inter-union rivalry – 1957
(C) By bipartite mutual agreement at the industry level
(D) Above all

8. Match the following trade unions according to the year of formation:

List – I                        List – II
a. AITUC                   i. 1947
b. CITU                     ii. 1948
c. INTUC                  iii. 1920
d. HMS                    iv. 1970

       a      b        c       d
(A) iii     iv         i        ii
(B) ii      iii        iv        i
(C) iii     i          ii       iv
(D) i       ii        iii       iv

9. ‘Employment Injury’ means personal injury to an employee caused by accident or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment being an insurable employment if the accident occurs or occupational disease is contracted only within territorial limits of India and not outside India.

The above statement is

(A) Correct.
(B) Incorrect.
(C) true only in case of occupational injury.
(D) true only in case of accident.

10. Assertion (A): Labour Welfare is relative to time and space.
Reason (R): It shall be universal and perpetual.

(A) Assertion and Reason are right.
(B) Assertion is wrong and Reason is right.
(C) Both Assertion and Reason are wrong.
(D) Assertion is right but its explanation given in Reason is wrong.