1. www represents:      
(A) who what and where
(B) weird wide web
(C) word wide web
(D) world wide web

2. CD ROM stands for:
(A) Computer Disk Read Only Memory
(B) Compact Disk Read Over Memory
(C) Compact Disk Read Only Memory
(D) Computer Disk Read Over Memory

3. The 'brain' of a computer which keeps peripherals under its control is called:
(A) Common Power Unit
(B) Common Processing Unit
(C) Central Power Unit
(D) Central Processing Unit

4. Data can be saved on backing storage medium known as :
(A) Compact Disk Recordable
(B) Computer Disk Rewritable
(C) Compact Disk Rewritable
(D) Computer Data Rewritable

5. RAM means:      
(A) Random Access Memory
(B) Rigid Access Memory
(C) Rapid Access Memory
(D) Revolving Access Memory