1. ‘Theatre of Independence’ is written by

(A) Vasudha Dalmia
(B) Anuradha Kapur
(C) Rustom Bharucha
(D) Aparna Dharwadkar

2. ‘Kisi Ek Phoolka Nām Lo’ is a play written by

(A) Chandrashekhar Kambar
(B) Baddal Sircar
(C) Satish Alekar
(D) Madhu Rye

3. Match the following:

List – I
List – II
(a) Galileo
(i) O’ Neill
(b) Emperor zones
(ii) Leo Tolstoy
(c) My Fair Lady
(iii) Brecht
(d) The power of Darkness
(iv) G. B. Shaw


      (a)       (b)       (c)      (d)
(A) (iii)       (i)       (iv)      (ii)
(B) (i)        (iii)       (ii)     (iv)
(C) (ii)       (iv)      (iii)      (i)
(D) (iv)      (ii)        (i)      (iii)

4. Here we have some of the tragedy plays written by William Shakespeare. Put them in order.

(A) Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, King Lear
(B) Othello, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet
(C) Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, King Lear
(D) King Lear, Othello, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet

5. Give correct sequence according to their appearance:

(A) Surrealism, Realism, Naturalism, Expressionism.
(B) Realism, Naturalism, Expressionism, Surrealism.
(C) Naturalism, Realism, Surrealism, Expressionism.
(D) Expressionism, Surrealism, Realism, Naturalism.

6. Give the correct sequence :

(A) Stage, Audience, Text, Performance, Catharsis.
(B) Catharsis, Audience, Text, Stage, Performance.
(C) Performance, Catharsis, Stage, Audience, Text.
(D) Text, Stage, Performance, Audience, Catharsis.

7. ‘Nora’ is a famous character of Isben’s

(A) An Enemy of the People.
(B) The Ghosts
(C) The Wild Duck
(D) A Doll’s House

8. Match the items in List-I with the items in List-II.

List – I
List – II
(a) Ghasiram Kotwal
(i) Om Shivpuri
(b) Andha Yug
(ii) Mohan Maharshi
(c) Evam Indrajeet
(iii) E. Alkazi
(d) Ādhe Adhure
(iv) Jabbar Patel
Codes :

      (a)       (b)        (c)      (d)
(A) (iv)      (iii)        (ii)       (i)
(B)  (i)       (ii)        (iii)      (iv)
(C) (ii)       (i)         (iv)      (iii)
(D) (iii)     (iv)         (i)       (ii)

9. The Oriental Theatre is based on

(A) Text
(B) Performance
(C) Design
(D) Technology

10. Theatre follows the principles of

(A) Spatial Art
(B) Temporal Art
(C) Spatio-temporal art
(D) None of the above

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