1.  The ornaments of Indus people were made up of?

(a) Precious Stones
(b) Copper and Bronze
(c) Gold and Silver
(d) All the above

2. The Harappan site Chanhudaro was located in

(a) Gujarat
(b) Punjab
(c) Sindh
(d) Uttar Pradesh

3.What were the main items of export of Indus people?

(a) Cotton goods
(b) Terracottas
(c) Pottery
(d) All the above

4. Where was alamgirpur located?

(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Bihar
(c) Haryana
(d) Punjab

5. Consider the following statements and mark the option which is correct.

(i) Pashupati Seal has been forund fromLothal.
(ii) The Harappan bricks were made in ratio of 1:2:4.
(iii) For small measurement binary system and for big measurement decimal system were used in harappa.
(iv) Persian Gulf seals have been found in Lothal.


(a) i, ii & iii 
(b) ii & iv
(c) ii, iii & iv 
(d) all of the above.

6. The script of Indus people was written from left to right and from right to left. It is called

(a) Desi
(b) Karosti
(c) Boustrophedon
(d) Brahmi

7. Where was Banvali located?

(a) Punjab
(b) Rajastan
(c) Haryana
(d) Gujarat

8. Match the following

List - I
List - II

(i) Cemetrics ‘H’ & R 37’
(a) Daimabad
(ii) Dockyard 
(b) Mohanjodaro
(iii) Pashupati Mahadev Seal
(c) Harappa
(iv) Copper Chariot
(d) Lothal

      (a)      (b)      (c)       (d)
(a) (iv)      (iii)      (i)        (ii)
(b) (iv)      (iii)      (ii)        (i)
(c) (i)        (ii)      (iii)       (iv)
(d) (i)        (iii)      (ii)       (iv)

9. What was the largest Indus site in India?

(a) Lothal
(b) Kalibangan
(c) Dholavira
(d) Alamgirpur

10. Where was found a female dancing figure in bronze?

(a) Dholavira
(b) Mohenjodaro
(c) Lothal
(d) Harappa

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