1. In case no satisfactory explanation is furnished for the discrepancies within a period of thirty days of being informed by the proper officer or such further period as may be permitted proper officer may initiate appropriate action: 

(i) under Section 65 (Audit) 
(ii) Section 66 (Special Audit) 
(iii) Section 67, (Inspection, Search Seizure) 
(iv) proceed to determine the tax and other dues under Section 73 or Section 74. 

(a) Only i & iii
(b) Only ii & iv
(c) Only ii, iii & iv
(d) Any of the above 

2. The proceedings can involve:

(a) Appeal 
(b) Review 
(c) Revision 
(d) All of the above 

3. Find the correct match of annual returns to be filed 

(a) Registered taxable person – Form GSTR  
(b) Input service distributor – Form GSTR 9 
(c) Non Resident taxable person – Form GSTR 9B 
(d) Compounding taxable person – Form GSTR 9A 

4. When will the inputs and/or capital goods sent to job-work become a supply? 

(a) When the inputs and/or capital goods sent to job-worker are not received within 1 year or 3 years respectively 
(b) When the inputs and/or capital goods sent to job-worker are not supplied, with or without payment of tax, from the job-workers place within 1 year or 3 years respectively 
(c) Both under (a) or (b) 
(d) None of the above 

5. Refund application is to be filed before the expiry of ____________ from the relevant date. 

(a) Two years 
(b) One year 
(c) 180 days 
(d) 260 days 

6. Whether it is necessary to capitalize the capital goods in the books of account 

(a) Yes 
(b) No 
(c) Only use of goods is recognized 
(d) Accounting is not relevant 

7. What is the rate of interest to be payable in case of delay in sanctioning the refund claimed 

(a) Not exceeding 6% 
(b) Not exceeding 8% 
(c) Not exceeding 10% 
(d) Not exceeding 12% 

8. The tax paying documents in section 16(2) is 

(a) Bill of entry, Invoice raised on RCM supplies, etc. 
(b) Acknowledged copy of tax paid to department 
(c) Supply invoice by the recipient 
(d) Any of the above 

9. Balance in electronic credit ledger under SGST can be used against which liability? 

(a) SGST Liability only 
(b) SGST and IGST liability 
(c) SGST, IGST and CGST liability 
(d) None of them 

10. The sanction refund amount can be adjusted against the payments which he is liable to pay but remains unpaid under the earlier law. 

(a) Tax 
(b) Penalty 
(c) Interest and other amounts 
(d) All of the above 

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