Solved Question Paper for Combined Test for Assistant Chemist in GSI, Foreman (Chemical) in DGAQA & Scientific Officer (Chemical) in National Test House conducted by UPSC

 21. The Van der Waals equation of state for a gas is:

Answer: (b)

22. If the standard efficiency of the thermodynamics cycle is given by: 
The cycle is:
(a) Diesel cycle
(b) Brayton cycle
(c) Otto cycle
(d) Atkinson’s cycle

Answer: (a)


Answer: (b)


Answer: (c)

25. A cold storage is to be maintained at −5°𝐶, while the surrounding temperature is 35°𝐶𝐶. The heat leakage from the surroundings into the storage is estimated to be 29 kW. The actual COP of the refrigeration plant is 1/3 that of an ideal plant. The power required to drive the plant is:
(a) 19 kW
(b) 17 kW
(c) 15 kW
(d) 13 kW

Answer: (d)

26. What is the correct sequence of the following substances in the increasing order with their triple point temperature?
(a) Nitrogen < Hydrogen < Oxygen < Argon < Water
(b) Hydrogen < Argon < Nitrogen < Oxygen < Water
(c) Nitrogen < Oxygen < Hydrogen < Argon < Water
(d) Hydrogen < Oxygen < Nitrogen < Argon < Water

Answer: (d)

27. In the Orsat apparatus the relative proportions of the measured three gases are:

Answer: (a)

28. The commonly used gaseous coolants in refrigeration are:
(a) Ammonia, Sulphur dioxide, Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen
(b) Nitrogen, Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon dioxide and Freon
(c) Ammonia, Sulphur dioxide, Carbon dioxide and Freon
(d) Nitrogen, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Hydrogen

Answer: (c)

29. An e.m.f. in a thermocouple with the test junction at 𝑡 °𝐶𝐶 on gas thermometer scale and reference junction at ice point is:
The millivoltmeter is calibrated at ice and steam points. When the gas thermometer reads 50°𝐶, the thermocouple will read:
(a) 60.66°𝐶
(b) 58.33°𝐶
(c) 56.66°𝐶
(d) 54.33°𝐶

Answer: (b)


Answer: (b)



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