MCQs on Computer Engineering - 4

1. What is MTTF in redundancy for data storage in disks?

(a) Middle-time-training-failure
(b) Mean-time-to-failure
(c) Mean-time-training-failure
(d) Middle-training -to-failure

Answer: (b)

2. The advantage of using DBMS is that it offers data independence which is achieved through:

(a) Data abstraction
(b) Exceptional handling
(c) Data hiding
(d) Transaction

Answer: (a)

3. A weak entity can be identified only by considering some of its attributes in conjunction with the:

(a) Total participation
(b) Primary key of another entity
(c) Independent entity
(d) All the attributes of the strong entity

Answer: (b)

4. Which of the following are the limitations for creating, using and managing decision-support system in a database management system?

1. Lack of analytical sophistication
2. Database layout limitations
3. Inability to handle or process large amounts of data

(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 1 and 3 only
(c) 2 and 3 only
(d) 1, 2 and 3

Answer: (d)

5. The method of accessing the data which uses the search key value transformation to support the efficient retrieval of data entries is known as:

(a) Hash-based indexing
(b) Sequential indexing
(c) Random indexing
(d) Direct indexing

Answer: (a)

6. Two skills associated with being a good listener are the ability

(a) To listen to more than one message at a time and to provide constructive criticism
(b) To pay attention and to provide feedback
(c) To pay attention and to mask your disinterest when necessary
(d) To pay attention and to provide a strong point of view in response to a given message

Answer: (b)

7. Which one of the following communication style is the most effective and healthiest?

(a) Passive style
(b) Aggressive style
(c) Passive-aggressive style
(d) Assertive style

Answer: (d)

8. What is the correct assignment of the following properties to the 8086 instructions to RET or IRET or Both?

1. Works in conjunction with INT
2. Retrieves flags
3. Retrieves Return Address
4. Works in conjunction with CALL

(a) 1→ IRET 2→ RET   3→ IRET 4→ Both
(b) 1→ IRET 2→ IRET 3→ Both  4→ RET
(c) 1→ RET   2→ IRET 3→ IRET 4→ Both
(d) 1→ IRET 2→ Both  3→ IRET 4→ RET

Answer: (b)

9. The NASSCOM, an organization for Indian Information Technology is

(a) National Association for Computing
(b) National Association of Software and Services Companies
(c) National Association for Science, Software and Communication
(d) National Aim for Software, Services Communication Management

Answer: (b)

10. The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar prize for Science and Technology is awarded annually by

(a) Ministry of Science and Technology
(b) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(c) Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
(d) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Answer: (d)


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