MCQs on Hindustani Sangeeth -15

1. Who mentioned saranachatustai for the first time?
(A) Matang
(B) Sharangdev
(C) Bharat
(D) Shriniwas

2. Who wrote Sangeet Sudhakar?
(A) Singh Bhopal
(B) Vidyaranya Swami
(C) Fakirulla
(D) Vasdev Shastri

3. Who is the author of Rag Darpan?
(A) Srikantha
(B) Damodar
(C) Fakirulla
(D) Bhavbhatta

4. Vimal Knat Rai Chowdhary is the author of
(A) Pranav Bharti
(B) Sangeet Samay Sar
(C) Kala Nidhi
(D) Bhartiya Sangeet Kosh

5. In which Raga Pancham is omitted in Aroh by most of the musicians?
(A) Lalit
(B) Malkauns
(C) Todi
(D) Bilaskhani Todi

6. Which symbol is used in staff notation to write one semitone higher?
(A) Flat
(B) Sharp
(C) Natural
(D) Double sharp

7. Which sign of the staff notation is equal to one matra of Indian music?
(A) Breve
(B) Minim
(C) Crotchet
(D) Quaver

8. ‘Jafar Khani Baj’ is related to
(A) Tabla
(B) Pakhawaj
(C) Mridang
(D) Sitar

9. According to ancient scholars seven string and nine string veenas were known as
(A) Chitra and Vipanchi
(B) Margi and Saraswati
(C) Matt Kokila and Chitra
(D) Margi and Vipanchi

10. Correct order of writing foot note is
(A) Book, Author’s name, Page number
(B) Author’s name, Book, Page no.
(C) Page no., Author’s name, Book
(D) None of the above

11. Which of the following Ragas do not belong to ‘Khamaj Thata’?
(A) Jhinjhoti
(B) Rageshwari
(C) Tilang
(D) Bihag

12. In which Raga both the Nishads are not used?
(A) Nat Bihag
(B) Mian Ki Sarang
(C) Shudh Sarang
(D) Mian Malhar

13. Which of the following Ragas do not belong to Audav – Audav Jati?
(A) Bhupal Todi
(B) Chandra Kauns
(C) Sur Malhar
(D) Durga

14. Which of the following pair of Ragas have the same Swaras but different that’s?
(A) Miya ki Todi - Multani
(B) Bhoop - Deshkar
(C) Shree – Puriya Dhanashree
(D) Madhmad Sarang – Megh Malhar

15. Main Singer of Samveda is known as
(A) Pratiharta
(B) Trigata
(C) Samvachik
(D) Udgata



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