MCQs on Hindustani Sangeeth -8

1. Who made Bharat Natyam famous?
(A) Rukminidevi Arundel
(B) Yamini Krishnamurthi
(C) Bal Saraswati
(D) Dr. Padma Subramanyam

2. Which artist was honoured with “Aftabe Mussiki” by the King of Baroda Maharaja?
(A) Ustad Abdul Karim Khan
(B) Ustad Fayyaj Khan
(C) Ustad Ameer Khan
(D) Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan

3. The principal centre of teaching education in Buddha Period was
(A) Varanasi
(B) Takshshila
(C) Rajgruh
(D) Avadh

4. What is the name of Meend in Western Staff Notation?
(A) Pause
(B) Uppermordent
(C) Slur
(D) Crescendo

5. Locate the place of ‘Sudh Dhaivat’ on a 36 inch stringed veena from the following:
(A) 21 1/2″
(B) 21 1/3″
(C) 21 1/4″
(D) 21 1/5″

6. The Western music composition sung in the Church was known as
(A) Harmony
(B) Chamber music
(C) Sonata
(D) Plain song

7. Which instrument is not played by Mizrab from the following?
(A) Sitar
(B) Guitar
(C) Surbahar
(D) Sarod

8. Which baj is not belonging to Sitar from the following?
(A) Maseetkhani
(B) Razakhani
(C) Firozkhani
(D) Kirwani

9. Which one of the following statement is correct?
(A) Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur had served as music teacher in Maris Music College Lucknow
(B) Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur is the author of ‘Pranav Bharti’ and ‘Sangeetanjali.’
(C) Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur was trained under the guidance of Pt. Narayan Moreshwar Khare.
(D) ‘Hamare Sangeet Vadya’ is a great treatise of Pt. Omkar Nath Thakur.

10. According to which notation system the ‘swaras’ are known as Do, Re, Me, Fa, Sol, La, Si?
(A) Solfa Notation
(B) Neums Notation
(C) Cheve Notation
(D) Staff Notation

11. Who was the first Guitar player in the field of Hindustani Music?
(A) Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt
(B) Pt. Devashish Bhattacharya
(C) Pt. Braj Bhushan Kabra
(D) Pt. Nalin Majumdar

12. Who was the famous artist of ‘Agra Gharana’?
(A) Ustad Ghagghe Khan
(B) Ustad Munavwar Ali Khan
(C) Ustad Haddu Khan
(D) Ustad Faiyaz Khan

13. Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya?
(A) Dr. Premlata Sharma
(B) Dr. Mandvi Singh
(C) Pt. Bimlendu Mukherjee
(D) Pt. S.N. Ratanjankar

14. Which of the following musicologists is not from Indian origin?
(A) Alain Danielou
(B) Jairaj Bhoy
(C) U.S. Krishna Rao
(D) Zubin Mehta

15. What is the name of ‘Abhilashitarth Chintamani Treatise’?
(A) Varnaratnakar
(B) Manasollas
(C) Bharatbhashyam
(D) Sharadatanaya



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