MCQs on Music -19

1. Harvallabha Sangeet Samaroha is observed in which city?
(A) Patiala
(B) Jallandhar
(C) Amritsar
(D) Ambala

2. “Ma Ni Dha Ni S” is the phrase of which ‘Raga’?
(A) Miyan Ki Malhar
(B) Bahar
(C) Desh
(D) Bageshri

3. When there are two matras in each measure of Time Signature
(A) Simple Time
(B) Simple Duple Time
(C) Compound Time
(D) Simple Triple Time

4. The interval of 4 Shrutis in Staff Notation is
(A) Minor tone
(B) Major Tone
(C) Semi tone
(D) Octave

5. Which of the following Sitar players does not play Sitar with six strings?
(A) Vilayat Khan
(B) Buddhaditya Mukherji
(C) Haleem Jaffar Khan
(D) Shahid Parvez

6. Who of the following is not a Sitar player?
(A) Rahim Sen
(B) Amrit Sen
(C) Aashish Khan
(D) Barkatulla Khan

7. Folk tune of Rajasthan is
(A) Heer
(B) Beehu
(C) Raas
(D) Mand

8. Placement of shudha ‘swaras’ on the wire of Veena was initiated by which of the following scholar?
(A) Bharat
(B) Sharang Deo
(C) Narad
(D) Ahobal

9. Maihar Band was the creation of
(A) Ali Akbar Khan
(B) Hafiz Ali Khan
(C) Amjad Ali Khan
(D) Allauddin Khan

10. Kuchipudi Dance form is originated from
(A) Kerala
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Karnataka

11. One of the Musical Trinity
(A) Purandara Dasa
(B) Syama Shastri
(C) Swati Tirunal
(D) Annamacharya

12. Vaidika Ganam is
(A) Sacred Music
(B) Secular Music
(C) Music with moral theme
(D) None of the above

13. Corresponding that of Gamanashrama is
(A) Bhairav
(B) Poorvi
(C) Marwa
(D) Asaveri

14. Kal ita Sangeeta in Karnatak Music is
(A) Improvised
(B) Pre Composed
(C) Devotional only
(D) Jaati Sangeet

15. The 35 Talas scheme is known as
(A) Shadangas
(B) Desi Talas
(C) Shodashangas
(D) Sooladi Sapta Talas



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