MCQs on Music -23

1. No. of Sanchari Bhavas
(A) 23
(B) 13
(C) 33
(D) 43

2. The main characteristic of Chanda
(A) Varnic
(B) Matric
(C) Matra
(D) Layabaddhata

3. Which music journal is edited by Prof. R.C.Mehta?
(A) Chayanut
(B) Sangeet Masik
(C) Kala Saurabh
(D) Journal of Indian Musicological Society

4. Bilawal as Shuddha Swar Saptak was first recognized in
(A) Chaturdandi Prakashika
(B) Nagmate Aasfi
(C) Sangeet Sar
(D) Sangeet Kalpdrum

5. Chenda is an instrument
(A) Cymbal
(B) Wind
(C) Percussion
(D) Melodic

6. Musical form similar to Jawalli
(A) Padam
(B) Kriti
(C) Tillana
(D) Daru

7. Jyākāra invented the
(A) Dundubhi
(B) Veena
(C) Ancient Harp
(D) Flute

8. Rag Bhairav corresponds to
(A) Mayamalavagoula
(B) Saveri
(C) Bhupalam
(D) Sriranjini

9. Jiva Svaras are
(A) Raga Chāya Svaras
(B) Nyasa Svaras
(C) Amsa Svaras
(D) None of the above

10. Misra Chapu Tala has
(A) 9 aksharakalas
(B) 6 aksharakalas
(C) 7 aksharakalas
(D) 8 aksharakalas

11. With which style of singing ‘EK TAAL’ is used?
(A) Dhrupad
(B) Khayal
(C) Thumari
(D) Tappa

12. Writer of the book ‘Bhartiya Taalon ka Shashtriya Vivechan’
(A) Dr. Lal Mani Mishra
(B) Dr. Arun Kumar Sen
(C) Acharya K.C.D. Brihaspati
(D) Dr. Avan E. Mistri

13. Composition with Tihayee played three times
(A) Tihayee
(B) Tukada
(C) Rela
(D) Chakradar

14. The Book in which ‘Theka’ word is used for the first time
(A) Radha Govinda Sangeet Sar
(B) Sarmaye Isharat
(C) Sangeet Naad Vinoda
(D) Sangeet Kaladhar

15. Writer of the book ‘TABLA’
(A) Arvinda Mukherjee
(B) Arvinda Sharma
(C) Arvinda Mulgaonkar
(D) Arvinda Azad



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