MCQs on Music -25

1. What is the basis of classification of Swaras in tempered scale?
(A) Major tone
(B) Minor tone
(C) Semi tone
(D) Half tone

2. In which Swar should Tabla be tuned for accompaniment?
(A) Gandhar
(B) Madhyama
(C) Pancham
(D) Shadaj

3. Which style of singing is adorned with PARANAS?
(A) Dhrupad
(B) Khayal
(C) Thumari
(D) Tappa

4. Which TAAL of Karnatak Taal system is depicted by the symbol of 101?
(A) Dhruva Taal
(B) Roopak Taal
(C) Mathya Taal
(D) Ek Taal

5. Most expandable composition of Tabla
(A) Quiada
(B) Tukada
(C) Mohara
(D) Kamali Chakradar

6. Match the following:
List – I                        List – II
(i) Zakir Hussain         1. Vazid Hussain
(ii) Kumarlal                2. Kishan Maharaj
(iii) Afak Hussain        3. Allarakha Khan
(iv) Pooran Maharaj    4. Gudai Maharaj

(i)         (ii)        (iii)       (iv)
(A)       3          1          2          4
(B)       3          2          1          4
(C)       3          4          1          2
(D)       3          2          4          1

7. A musical scale contains how many shruties according to the ancient scholars?
(A) 20
(B) 24
(C) 22
(D) 21

8. A phrase of tabla syllables played three times is called
(A) Tihai
(B) Chakradar
(C) Gat
(D) Theka

9. Artist who had command equally over Tabla and Pakhawaj both
(A) Laljee Gokhale
(B) Ismail Daddukhan
(C) Prem Vallabha
(D) Rosevel Layal

10. Which is not a Pancha Dasa Gamaka?
(A) Andolita
(B) Tribhinna
(C) Ahata
(D) Tripuscha

11. Kavi Kunjara Bharati has composed
(A) Daru
(B) Todaya Mangalam
(C) Ashtap di
(D) Sarabhendra Bhupala

12. Thiruvattiyur Pancharatna
(A) Dikshitar
(B) Shyama Shastri
(C) Swati Thirunal
(D) Tyagaraja

13. Marga is an important part of
(A) Dasa Prana
(B) Yati
(C) Kriya
(D) Jati

14. The song ‘Simar Majhe Asim Tumi’ is based on which raga?
(A) Jai Jayanti
(B) Todi
(C) Chhayanat
(D) Paraj

15. Following Swara combination is of which Raga?
Ma Dha Ni Dha a Ga
(A) Maru Bihag
(B) Hindol
(C) Kamod
(D) Multani



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