MCQs on Music -6

1. Total number of main syllables of Tabla
(A) 10
(B) 7
(C) 5
(D) 16

2. Gharana established by Pt. Ram Sahay
(A) Lucknow Gharana
(B) Farukhabad Gharana
(C) Ajarada Gharana
(D) Banaras Gharana

3. Which title was awarded to Gyan Prakash Ghosh (a famous Tabla player)?
(A) Padmashree
(B) Padma Bhushan
(C) Bharat Bhushan
(D) Bharat Ratna

4. Which composition is expandable from the following?
(A) Tukda
(B) Tihai
(C) Fard
(D) Rela

5. ‘Taal’ used with ‘Sadra’ style of singing
(A) Matt Taal
(B) Tivra
(C) Sool Taal
(D) Gaj Jhampa

6. Match the following:
List – I                                                List – II
a. Pt. Ramshrya Zha                     i. Abhinav Geet Manjiri
b. Pt. Kumar Gandharv                 ii. Bhavarang Lahiri
c. Pt. Balwantrai Bhatt                  iii. Abhinav Geetanjali
d. Pt. Annasaheb Ratanjankar     iv. Anupragvilas

       a b c d
(A) iii iv ii i
(B) iv ii i iii
(C) ii i iii iv
(D) i iii iv ii

7. Which western sign is used for 1 Matra in Indian music?
(A) Minim
(B) Crotchet
(C) Quaver
(D) Breve

8. What is the interval between Gandhar and Madhyam?
(A) Major Tone Interval
(B) Minor Tone Interval
(C) Major Sixth Interval
(D) Semi Tone Interval

9. The author of “Sahsaras” Grantha is
(A) Raghunath Bhoop
(B) Krishna Nand Vyas
(C) Jaidev Thakur
(D) Nayak Bakshoo

10. How many Rasas have been mentioned by Bharat in Natyashastra?
(A) 9
(B) 8
(C) 7
(D) 6

11. Layakari of playing 6 swaras in the duration of 4 Matras in Western Music is
(A) Septolet
(B) Sextolet
(C) Quintuplet
(D) Quadruplet

12. Who wrote commentary on “Nardiya Shiksha”?
(A) Maharana Kumbha
(B) Bhatt Shubhankar
(C) Dattil
(D) Parshvadeva

13. What was the title name of Firoz Khan?
(A) Sadarang
(B) Adarang
(C) Rangeele
(D) Prem Priya

14. The musicologist who divided Ragas into two parts i.e. Gram Raga and Bhasha Ragas
(A) Narad
(B) Bharat
(C) Matang
(D) Sarangdeva

 15. Pakhawaj player popularly known as Swami Pagal Das
(A) Ramkrishna Das
(B) Shivshankar Das
(C) Ramshankar Das
(D) None of these



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