MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission - 3

1. “All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights “. In which document this statement contain?


2. Who is the father of International Law?

(A) Hugo Grotius 
(B) Jeremy Bentham 
(C) T.H. Green 
(D) H. J. Laski

3. When was the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights passed?

(A) 1966 
(B) 1990 
(C) 1956 
(D) 1986

4. How many Articles in the ICESER?

(A) 30 
(B) 31 
(C) 32 
(D) 34

5. Which Right is mentioned in the Article 1 of the ICESER?

(A) Right to self-determination 
(B) Right to life
(C) Right to Property 
(D) Right to Peace

6. Name the Act which prescribed for the National Human Rights commission

(A) Human rights Act 
(B) Protection of human rights Act
(C) Right to Information Act 
(D) Protection of Minorities Act

7. Which among the following is a third generation right

(A) Cultural rights 
(B) Environmental Rights
(C) Political Right 
(D) Economic Rights

8. “Human rights: a very short Introduction “was written by :

(A) Harold J. Laski 
(B) V.R Krishna Iyer
(C) UpendraBaxi 
(D) Andrew Clapham

9. In Which article the ICESER mention about the right to work?

(A) Article 8 
(B) Article 2 
(C) Article 7 
(D) Article 6

10. When did the ICCPR come into force?

(A) 1975 
(B) 1985 
(C) 1976 
(D) 1980

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission


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