Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Print Media Journalism -10

1…………. is copy and pictures running over two pages in the middle of the newspaper.

(a) News peg 
(b) Centre spread 
(c) Bleed 
(d) Middle

2………… means delete or exclude a story or part of a story.

(a) DL. 
(b) Kill 
(c) Exclude 
(d) Reject

3. A piece of news obtained and published by one newspaper before its competitors is known as

(a) Exclusive 
(b) Runner 
(c) Scoop 
(d) Expose

4. The oldest established news agency in the world:

(a) Reuters
(b) AFP
(c) UPI
(d) AP

5. Which was the first Indian –owned English Newspaper?

(a) Bengal Herald 
(b) Reformer 
(c) Bombay Herald 
(d) Bengal Gazette.

6. The nodal agency of the Government to disseminate the information to the print media in Government policies:

(a) PIB 
(b) Door Darshan 
(c) Akash Vani 
(d) Films Division

7. Who performs the functions of a multi – media advertising agency of the Government?

(a) PIB 
(b) RNI 
(c) DAVP 
(d) Director of Field Publicity

8. The first Chairman of the Press Council of India was

(a) Justice J.R.Mudholkar 
(b) Justice Y.V. Chandrachood.
(c) Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer 
(d) Justice Ranganath Mishra

9. “Four Theories of Press is conceived by

(a) W. Schramm 
(b) J. Carey 
(c) D. McQuail 
(d) Mc Luhan

10. The head quarters of the PTI:

(a) Mumbai 
(b) Chennai 
(c) New Delhi 
(d) Bangalore

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