Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Print Media Journalism -7

1. The New Trend in journalism:

(a) Sensationalism 
(b) Patriotism 
(c) Socialism 
(d) Mechanism

2. Name the magazine that gives the highest priority to women and children:

(a) The Crown 
(b) The Times 
(c) Down to Earth 
(d) India Today

3. Which Article of the Constitution of India provides protection against arbitrary arrest or unlawful arrest?

(a) Art. 14. 
(b) Art.32. 
(c) Art. 22 
(d) Art.19

4. The term fourth estate is coined by:

(a) Henry Fayol
(b) Thomas Carlyle 
(c) Laski 
(d) Edmund Burke  

5. Freedom of press deals with:

(a) Reporting 
(b) Editing 
(c) Freedom of expression 
(d) None of the above.

6. was the Chairman of the famous commission on press freedom.

(a) Bill Gates 
(b) Hutchins 
(c) Zimon 
(d) Raymond

7. Editor is the person who .............. the news for the newspaper or journal.

(a) Report 
(b) Edit 
(c) Collect
(d) Publish

8. The daily newspaper Le-Mond is published from

(a) Bonn 
(b) London 
(c) Paris 
(d) Hydenberg

9. Parliamentary proceedings (Protection of Publications) Act of 1956 is popularly known as:

(a) Indira Gandhi Act 
(b) Contempt of Legislation Act.
(c) Feroze Gandhi Act 
(d) State Legislation Act

10. If you have decided to publish a newspaper, the first step would be to register it with the:

(a) Registrar of newspaper 
(b) Press Council of India
(c) KUWJ 
(d) Registrar General

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