Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Research Aptitude -17

1. Research related to abstract ideas or concepts is

(a) Empirical research
(b) Conceptual Research
(c) Quantitative research
(d) Qualitative research

2. A research which follows case study method is called

(a) Clinical or diagnostic
(b) Causal
(c) Analytical
(d) Qualitative

3. Research conducted in class room atmosphere is called

(a) Field study
(b) Survey
(c) Laboratory Research
(d) Empirical Research

4. Research through experiment and observation is called

(a) Clinical Research
(b) Experimental Research
(c) Laboratory Research
(d) Empirical Research

5. Population Census is an example of ………….. Research

(a) Survey
(b) Empirical
(c) Clinical
(d) Diagnostic

6. The author of “ The Grammar of Science” is

(a) Ostle
(b) Richard
(c) Karl Pearson
(d) Kerlinger

7. “The Romance of Research” is authored by

(a) Redmen and Mory
(b) P.V.Young
(c) Robert C meir
(d) Harold Dazier

8. ………….. is a way to systematically solve the research problem

(a) Technique
(b) Operations
(c) Research methodology
(d) Research Process

9. Good Research is always ……………

(a) Slow
(b) Fast
(c) Narrow
(d) Systematic

10. Good research is ……………

(a) Logical
(b) Non logical
(c) Narrow
(d) Systematic

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