Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Research Aptitude -18

1. Interview which require “Probing” is called

(a) Clinical Interview 
(b) Depth Interview
(c) Group Interview 
(d) Telephone Interview

2. The Friendly relationship between Interviewer and respondent is called

(a) Morale 
(b) Management 
(c) Rapport 
(d) Conclusion

3. In adequate response, Interviewers bias non response etc is the limitations of ………..

(a) Observation 
(b) Interview 
(c) Sample 
(d) Data

4. An example of non-personal method of Data collection is

(a) Interview 
(b) Group Interview
(c) Schedule 
(d) Telephone Interview

5. A methods of collecting primary data in which a number of individuals with a
common interest interact is called

(a) Telephone Interview
(b) Clinical Interview
(c) Focused Interview
(d) Group Interview

6. Sending Questionnaire to a respondent with a request to complete and return by post is called

(a) Mail Survey
(b) Interview
(c) Observation
(d) Panel

7. Schedule is used as a ………………..

(a) Questionnaire
(b) Tool
(c) Method
(d) technique

8. Schedule is filled by ……………

(a) Respondent
(b) Enumerator
(c) Everybody
(d) None of the above

9. Questionnaire is filled by ……………….

(a) Respondent
(b) Everybody
(c) Enumerator
(d) None of the above

10. Questions which allow only a few alternative way of answering is called ………..

(a) Open ended questions
(b) Unstructured questions
(c) Structural questions
(d) Dichotomous questions

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