MCQs on Communication -1

1. When a sender manipulates information so that it will be seen more favourably by the receiver in communication, it is called

(A) Selective Perception
(B) Linguistic Trap
(C) Filtering
(D) Emotional Appeal

2. Which of the following is a process of communication?

(A) Downward
(B) Upward
(C) Lateral
(D) All the above

3. Which of the following is not a path in grapevine chain?

(A) Non-profitability
(B) Single strand
(C) Gossip
(D) Cluster Chair

4. Which communication component is not a paid form of communication?

(A) Advertising
(B) Sales promotion
(C) Personal selling
(D) Publicity

5. The term “Grapevine Communication” is related to

(A) Formal Communication
(B) Informal Communication
(C) Written Communication
(D) Vertical Communication

6. The study of gestures and body postures for their impact on communication is known as:

(A) Kinesics
(B) Proximics
(C) Semantics
(D) Informal channels

7. Diffusion of routine information takes place through

(A) Downward Communication
(B) Upward Communication
(C) Horizontal Communication
(D) External Communication

8. Match the following:

Column – A
Column – B
a. Device that connects two dissimilar communication networks.
i. Modem

b. Device that connects two similar networks.
ii. Repeater
c. Device used to boost the strength of a signal.
iii. Bridge
d. Device for performing signal transformation between terminal devices and communication circuits.
iv. Gateway

       a        b         c        d
(A) iii        iv         ii         i
(B) iv        iii         ii         i
(C) ii         iii         iv        i
(D) iv        iii         i         ii

9. Which of the following is /are called as ‘fourth estate’?

(A) Print media 
(B) Electronic media 
(C) Visual media 
(D) All the above

10. Who coined the term “fourth estate”?

(A) Charles Marrian 
(B) James Bryce 
(C) Edmund Burke 
(D) Thomas Jefferson



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