MCQs on Communication -2

1. National Press Day is on:

(A) November 1 
(B) October 21 
(C) November 16
(D) January 7

2. Match the following:                                                                                                                                                                                             
List – A
List – B
(a) Connects a very large number of devices and spans across a dispersed geographical location covering many cities.                         
(i) Topology
(b) Encrypted communication tunnels with access   control and user authentication
(ii) Ethernet
(c) Physical or geometric arrangement of the network influenced by the physical connections of links and nodes.
(iii) Wide Area Network
(d) Local area network technology that sends communication through radio frequency signals.
(iv) Virtual Private Network

       (a)        (b)       (c)         (d)
(A) (iii)         (i)        (iv)        (ii)
(B) (iv)        (iii)        (i)         (ii)
(C) (iii)        (iv)       (ii)         (i)
(D) (iii)        (iv)        (i)         (ii)

3. Largest circulated Government publication is

(A) Employment News 
(B) Kurukshetra 
(C) Suraksha 
(D) Yojna

4. Hard news is :

(A) Cultural news 
(B) Background information
(C) Daily public news 
(D) Box item story

5. A publication started by Mahatma Gandhi

(A) The Harijan 
(B) Bombay Samachar 
(C) Indian Mail 
(D) The Times of India

6. Lokmanya Tilak published

(A) Kesari 
(B) Indian Herald 
(C) Indian citizen 
(D) Indian News

7. Which one of the following is most perishable?

(A) A book 
(B) A newspaper
(C) A magazine 
(D) All the above are equally perishable

8. A piece of news obtained and published by one newspaper before its competitors is known as

(A) Exclusive 
(B) Runner 
(C) Scoop 
(D) Expose

9. The oldest established news agency in the world:

(A) Reuters
(D) AP

10. Which was the first Indian –owned English Newspaper?

(A) Bengal Herald 
(B) Reformer 
(C) Bombay Herald 
(D) Bengal Gazette.

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