Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Communication -5

1. ………………… can be simply defined as ‘transmission’ of ideas.

(A) Noise 
(B) Communication
(C) Encoding 
(D) Decoding

2. The word communication was originated from the ……… word ‘communis

(A) Latin 
(B) Greek
(C) French 
(D) English

3. Whose model best explains the premise that communication has no beginning
and no end?

(A) Lasswell 
(B) Frank E. X. Dance
(C) David M Berlo 
(D) Wendell Johnson

4. ‘Communis’ means …………...

(A) Common 
(B) Information
(C) Code 
(D) Communities

5. Advertisement is an example for …………….. communication

(A) Propaganda 
(B) Persuasive
(C) Personal 
(D) Permanent

6. The degree of similarity between individuals

(A) Heterophily 
(B) Homophily
(C) Synchrophily 
(D) Unophily

7. The degree of difference between individuals

(A) Synchrophily
(B) Homophily
(C) Heterophily   
(D) Unophily

8. Which of the following is the idea generating component of communication?

(A) Sender 
(B) Message
(C) Channel 
(D) Receiver

9. The study of the way people approach others or the keep their distance from

(A) Kinesics 
(B) Proxemics
(C) Chronemics 
(D) Ocullesics

10. Communication between the equals

(A) Temporal communication 
(B) Intrapersonal communication
(C) Terminal communication 
(D) Lateral communication

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