1. Mesophyll tissue is well differentiated into spongy tissue and palisade tissue in
(a) Dicot leaves
(b) Ophytic stem
(c) Hydrophytic stem
(d) Monocot leaves

2. Lateral meristem is responsible for
(a) Growth in parenchyma
(b) Growth in thickness
(c) Growth in cortex
(d) Growth in length.

3. As a tree grows older, which increases more rapidly in thickness?
(a) Sapwood
(b) Cortex
(c) Phloem
(d) Heartwood

4. What is the other name for the cork tissue?
(a) Phellogen
(b) Phelloderm
(c) Phellem
(d) Periderm

5. Commercial cork is obtained from the species of
(a) Berberis
(b) Quercus
(c) Salix
(d) Betula

6. The cross-section of a trunk of a tree showed 50 annual rings. The age of tree is
(a) 50 years
(b) 50 months
(c) 100 years
(d) 25 years

7. Trees at seashore do not have annual rings because
(a) There is climatic variation
(b) There is no marked climatic variation
(c) There is enough moisture in the atmosphere
(d) Soil is sandy

8. Grafting is not possible in monocots because they
(a) Have scattered vascular bundles
(b) Have parallel venation
(c) Are herbaceous
(d) Lack cambium

9. External protective tissues of plants are
(a) Cortex and epidermis
(b) Pericycle and cortex
(c) Epidermis and cork
(d) Pericycle and cork

10. Bulli form cells are present
(a) In upper epidermis of dicot leaves
(b) In lower epidermis of monocot leaves
(c) In upper epidermis of monocot leaves
(d) In dicot stem

11. The youngest layer of secondary ph1oem in woody dicot stem is located
(a) Just outside the vascular cambium
(b) Just on the inner side of cambium
(c) Between periderm and primary cortex
(d) Just outside pith

12. The wall of cork cells is mostly impregnated with
(a) Cutin
(b) Suberin
(c) Lignin
(d) Hemicellulose

13. Cork cells are
(a) Photosynthetic
(b) Elongated and participate in movement
(c) Meristematic
(d) Dead

14. Dendrochronology is the study of
(a) Height of a tree
(b) Age of a tree by counting the number of annual rings in the main stem
(c) Diameter of a tree
(d) Age of tree by counting the number of leaves in the main stem

15. The best method to determine the age of tree is
(a) To measure its diameter
(b) To count the number of leaves
(c) To count the number of annual rings in the main stem at the base
(d) To measure its height

16. If the sign was nailed to the side of a tree 5‟ above the ground in 1997 how high would the sign be in 2007 if the tree grew 4” taller each year?
(a) 5‟ high
(b) 8‟ high
(c) 4‟ 8”
(d) 9‟4”

17. Which one of the following is responsible for guttation?
(a) Root pressure
(b) Transpiration
(c) Photosynthesis
(d) Osmosis

18. Which one of the following blood vessels in mammals would normally carry the largest amount of urea?
(a) Dorsal aorta
(b) Hepatic portal vein
(c) Renal artery
(d) Hepatic artery

19. Pressure exerted in the treachery elements of a xylem as a result of metabolic activity of roots which forces the water into xylem vessel and upwards into the stem for a certain height is

(a) Osmotic pressure
(b) Root pressure
(c) Atmospheric pressure
(d) Turgor pressure

20. Mechanical tissues are very poorly developed in
(a) xerophytes
(b) halophytes
(c) hydrophytes
(d) lithophytes