1. Which committee is heading the conversion of Urban Cooperative Banks into Regular Banks?
A. R Gandhi
B. H R Khan
C. Urjit R. Patel
D. S. S. Mundra

2. When the conversion rate of our currency goes high in compared to other currency , it is known as-
A. Rupee Appreciation
B. Rupee Devaluation
C. Rupee Demodulation
D. Rupee Depreciation

3. In which of the following market does devaluation of currency happen?
A. Fixed exchange rate
B. Floating exchange rate
C. Pegged exchange rate
D. Either A or B

4. Which of the following is not the function of Payment bank?
A. Issue of ATM /Debit card
B. Issue of Credit Card
C. Accepts Deposites
D. Provides remittances

5. At Present, What is the maximum amount that a payment bank can accept from a depositer?
A. Rs.5 lakhs
B. Rs.1 lakh
C. Rs.2 lakhs
D. Rs.75000

6. M-wallet (mobile wallet) application called Buddy lauched by which of the following bank?
A. Axis
B. State bank of Travancore

7. Which of the following will be the co-investor for India Aspiration Fund (IAF) and SIDBI Make In India Loan For Enterprises (SMILE),funds launched by SIDBI?
C. SBI Finance
D. Tech M

8. Which of the following Indian company sets it record to be the first comapany to over take its parent company in terms of ‘market valuation’?
A. Mahindra & Mahindra
B. Tata Motors
C. Ashok Leyland
D. Maruti suzuki

9. Who among the following is the head of the committee, which is recently set up to suggest measures for cost-cutting and optional utilization of assets of Air India?
(A) Suresh Malhotra
(B) Ravindra H. Dholakia
(C) Nagendra Kumar
(D) Vijay Sinha

10. Who is the head of the committee appointed for Capital Account Convertibility in Banks?
(A) M.B. Shah
(B) Mukul Mudgal
(C) M. Damodaran
(D) S.S. Tarapore

11. Who among the following is the head of the three member committee of jurists, constituted to give recommendations on amending laws to provide speedier justice and enhanced punishment in sexual assault cases?
(A) Leila Seth
(B) J.S. Verma
(C) Gopal Subramaniam
(D) S.P. Barucha

12. Which among the following committee is working on the revision of the Whole sale Price Index?
(A) Saumitra Chaudhuri committee
(B) Mihir Shah committee
(C) Narendra Jadhav committee
(D) Syeda Hameed committee

13. The Concept of ‘Universal Banking’ was implemented in India on the recommendations of:
(A) Abid Hussai Committee
(B) R H Khan Committee
(C) S Padmanabhan Committee
(D) YH Malegam Committee

14. Which among the following committee has looked inot the maladies affecting the proper functioning of the public distribution systems (PDS) in India?
(A) Suresh Tendulkar Committee
(B) Kaushik Basu Committee
(C) Wadhwa Committee
(D) Rangarajan Committee

15. Who among the following is the head of the one-man inquire committee appointed by the government to inquire into reports on the US lobbying activities of Wal-Mart for access to India market?
(A) V.N. Khare
(B) Y.K. Sabharwal
(C) Mukul Mudgal
(D) R.C. Lahoti