1. A free electron mean
(a) All the electron in an atom
(b) The electrons not belongs to the atom itself
(c) Valance electrons which are loosely attached to the nucleus
(d)  All the above

2. The speed with which the effect of emf is experienced at all parts of a conductor resulting the flow of current is
(a) Velocity of charge
(b) Velocity of propagation of electric field
(c) Speed of response
(d) None of the above

3. When a potential difference applied to a resistor, the heat is produced by
(a) Due to the collision of free electrons with the molecules or atoms of the resistor
(b) Power dissipation
(c) Speed of response
(d) None of the above

4. On application of heat on electrolyte is exhibit
(a) Positive temperature coefficient
(b) No change in its resistance
(c) Resistance will increase
(d) Negative temperature coefficient

5 An operational amplifier is a
(a) Dependent source
(b) Independent source
(c) Model source
(d) None of these

6. A wire of resistance 6 ohm is bent in the form of a circle, the effective resistance between two points on any diameter is 
(a) 6 ohm
(b) 12 ohm
(c) 1.5 ohm
(d) 9 ohm

7. A wire of resistance R ohm stretched to double its length, then its resistance become
(a) R/4
(b) R/2
(c) 2R
(d) 4R

8. Two parallel wires carrying current in opposite direction
(a) Attracts each other
(b) Repel each other
(c) Cancel each other
(d) None of the above

9. A coil has a resistance of 25 ohm and inductance of 5H is connected to a DC source of 50V is suddenly switched off, what will be the value of current at the time of switching off
(a) 2A
(b) 10 A
(c) 1.96 A
(d) 0.5 A

10. The inductive reactants of an inductor in a DC circuit is
(a) 2nfL
(b) Zero
(c) wL
(d) m

11. In a circuit element if the p.d is higher than the applied voltage of the source then it will be
(a) DC circuit
(b) Neither SC nor AC circuit
(c) AC circuit
(d) For both circuit

12. The moving system of an indicating type of electrical instrument is subjected to
(a) A deflecting torque
(b) Controlling torque
(c) Damping torque
(d) All of the above

13. The most efficient damping employed in electrical instrument is
(a) Air friction
(b) Fluid friction
(c) Eddy current
(d) None of the above

14. In thermocouple ammeter, the heat produced is proportional to
(a) Current
(b) Square root of current
(c) Square of current
(d) Voltage

15. In a cross coil megger, when two currents are passing through them, the torque acting upon the coil
(a) Opposite direction
(b) Same direction
(c) Tan O
(d) None of the above

16. The frequency error in induction type ammeter is compensated by
(a) Self compensated
(b) Nor required
(c) Non inductive shunt
(d) Inductive shunt

17. An induction watt meter consist of
(a) Series electromagnet
(b) Shunt electromagnet
(c) Permanent magnet
(d) Series and shunt electromagnet

18. The efficiency of a solar cell is
(a) High
(b) Very high
(c) Low
(d) Very low

19. In core type transformers, the numbers of flux paths are
(a) 2
(b) More than 2
(c) Half of the path
(d) Single

20. The relation between the excitation current and magnetic flux of a transformer is
(a) Current leads flux
(b) Flux leads the current
(c) They are in phase
(d) None of the above