1) The additional P’s of marketing are
a. People, Physical evidence, Package
b. People, Physical evidence, Process
c. People, Process, Packaging
d. Physical evidence, Process, Packaging

2) One of the features of marketing research is
a. It is multi-tasking
b. It is multi-purpose
c. It is multi-disciplinary
d. It is multi-natured

3) The objective of Test marketing is to
a. Test the market with consumers
b. Introduce product in open market
c. Predict product’s performance and its future
d. Test consumers with the product

4) Pricing is one of the essential components of
a. Promotion mix
b. Marketing mix
c. Product mix
d. STP strategy

5) Minimum Wages act is an example for –
a. Monetary policy
b. Economic policy
c. Legislation
d. Consumer protection

6) When each party has something that could be of value to other party, it results into –
a. Exchange process
b. Marketing activity
c. Market place
d. Money exchange

7) All activities involved in selling goods or services for the purpose of resale or business use is termed as –
a. Wholesaling
b. Retailing
c. Direct marketing
d. Direct sale

8) Product convenience becomes the _________________ product buying motive –
a. Patronage
 b. Emotional
c. Rational
d. Habitual

9) The accurate meaning of "International Marketing" is –
a. Marketing goods to developed countries
b. Marketing products worldwide
c. Selling global products in domestic market
d. Marketing using World Wide Web

10) One of the disadvantages of branding is –
a. It is negative
b. It is competitive
c. It is costly
d. It is risky

11) Which of the following indicates a sales territory?
a. A particular retail outlet
b. A particular geographical location
c. A specific market segment
d. A specific sales journey

12) When the target market views a brand as one more entry in the market, it is called as –
a. Over Positioning
b. Confused positioning
c. Under positioning
d. Doubtful positioning

13) Marketing communication mix is also called as –
a. Promotion mix
b. Product mix
c. Personal communication mix
d. Marketing mix

14) When major supplies are received for the first time from a new supplier it is called as –
a. Straight buy
b. Straight re-buy
c. New task
d. Modified re-buy

15) A brand which bears the name of the seller or store where it’s sold is called as –
a. Co-brand
b. Manufacturer brand
c. Private brand
d. Multi brand