1. Which of the following variables cannot be expressed in quantitative terms?
(A) Socio-economic Status
(B) Marital Status
(C) Numerical Aptitude
(D) Professional Attitude

2. A doctor studies the relative effectiveness of two drugs of dengue fever. His research would be classified as
(A) Descriptive Survey
(B) Experimental Research
(C) Case Study
(D) Ethnography

3. The term ‘phenomenology’ is associated with the process of
(A) Qualitative Research
(B) Analysis of Variance
(C) Correlational Study
(D) Probability Sampling

4. The ‘Sociogram’ technique is used to study
(A) Vocational Interest
(B) Professional Competence
(C) Human Relations
(D) Achievement Motivation

5. Which one of the following methods serve to measure correlation between two variables?
(A) Scatter Diagram
(B) Frequency Distribution
(C) Two-way table
(D) Coefficient of Rank Correlation

6. Which of the following phrases is not relevant to describe the meaning of research as a process?
(A) Systematic Activity
(B) Objective Observation
(C) Trial and Error
(D) Problem Solving

7. Which of the following is not an example of a continuous variable?
(A) Family size
(B) Intelligence
(C) Height
(D) Attitude