1. What is MZM in money market?
(a) Money with highest return
(b) Money with zero maturity
(c) Money with sovereign guarantee
(d) Monetary base or total currency

2. The Tier-1 capital of banks does not include _______.
(a) Paid-up capital
(b) Revaluation reserves
(c) Statutory reserves
(d) Investment fluctuation reserves

3. Where is National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) located?
(a) Nasik
(b) Mumbai
(c) Pune
(d) New Delhi

4. Which of the following is a fully-owned subsidiary of RBI?
(a) NHB
(d) All of the above

5. Loan taken by the person, not telling the purpose of taking loan is called ?
(a) Impersonal Loan
(b) NPA
(c) Personal Loan
(d) Concealed Loan

6. Public Sector Banks include ?
(a) 20 Nationalized Banks + State Bank of India + 5 SBI Associates + IDBI
(b) 20 Nationalized Banks + 6 Private Banks
(c) 14 Nationalized Banks + 6 SBI Associates + 7 Private Banks
(d) 20 Nationalized Banks + State Bank of India + 5 Private Sector Banks + IDBI

7. The formal way of lending includes lending from ?
(a) Private Sector Banks
(b) Co-operative Banks
(c) Public Sector Banks
(d) All of the above

8. Which commission distributes the taxes between centre and states ?
(a) NITI Ayog
(b) Board of Direct Taxes
(c) Finance Commission
(d) National Development Counsel

9. The facility not available in the BSBDA is ?
(a) deposit amount & withdrawing of cash
(b) ATM Card
(c) withdrawal form facility
(d) All above facilities available

10. CRR refers to the share of _____ that rural banks have to maintain with RBI of their net demand and time liabilities ?
(a) Liquid cash 
(b) Gold 
(c) Forex reserves 
(d) Illiquid cash 

11. The securities that the Banks purchase with the intention of keeping them till they mature, fall in which of the following categories ?
(a) Held till maturity 
(b) Fixed securities
(c) Fixed time securities 
(d) Permanent securities 

12. Free shares of stock given to share holders at present, based upon the number of shares that a share holder owns are:-
(a) Right issues 
(b) Bonus shares 
(c) IPO 
(d) Preferential shares 

13. Which among the following is the first universal bank of India?
(a) HDFC 
(b) Axis Bank 
(c) ICICI 
(d) Federal Bank 

14.Which of the following is not classified as a commercial Bank ?
(a) Regional Rural Bank 
(b) Private Sector Bank 
(c) Foreign Bank 
(d) Co-operative Bank 

15. Credit risk to the bank is high from which of these card ?
(a) ATM cards 
(b) Debit cards 
(c) Credit cards 
(d) All of these