1. Which country shut down their schools for two days because of possible health risks posed by the the thick haze from forest fires?
(a) Malaysia
(b) Australia
(c) Brazil
(d) Singapore

2. The British Writer James Fenton was awarded which literature prize
(a) Man Booker Prize
(b) Pen Pinter Prize
(c) Pulitzer Prize
(d) Nobel Prize

3. World Teacher's Day was observed on
(a) October 24
(b) October 13
(c) October 5
(d) October 7

4. Where will be the new All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to be set up under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana?
(a) Nagpur, Palakkad & Manglagiri
(b) Coimbatore, Palakkad & Pune
(c) Mumbai, Chennai & Hydreabad
(d) Nagpur, Manglagiri & Kalyani

5. Which country won the FIBA Asian Basketball Championship
(a) China
(b) India
(c) Singapore
(d) Japan

6. Nobel Prize for Physics for the year 2015 was given for the discovery of
(a) Electron Oscillation
(b) Proton Oscillation
(c) Neutrino Oscillations
(d) None of the above

7. World Vegetarian Day was observed on
(a) October 11
(b) October 9
(c) October 1
(d) October 10

8. World Egg Day was observed on
(a) October 10
(b) October 11
(c) October 1
(d) October 9

9. World Mental Health Day was observed on
(a) October 10
(b) October 9
(c) October 1
(d) October 11

10. International Day of the Girl Child was observed on
(a) October 9
(b) October 11
(c) October 10
(d) October 1