1. What are the gold related schemes launched by the Government of India
(a) Gold Monetization Scheme,  
(b) Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme
(c) Indian God Coins
(d) All the above

2. Which Indian has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Bank for International Settlement (BIS)
(a) Subir Gokarn
(b) Reghuram Rajan
(c) Arundhati Bhattacharya
(d) R K Dubey  

3.  Which country won the FIFA Under-17 World Cup
(a) Uruguay
(b) Brazil
(c) Nigeria
(d) Argentina

4. Name the recently held joint military exercise by India and Russia
(a) Exercise Malabar
(b) Varuna
(c) Exercise Red Flag 
(d) Indra 2015

5. Which Indian is the new executive Director of the IMF?
(a) Subir Gokarn
(b) Rakesh Mohan 
(c) Raghuram Rajan
(d) None of the above

6. Which Indian has been elected as the new Chairman of the international Cricket Council?
(a) Zaheer Abbas 
(b) Shashank Manohar
(c) David Richardson 
(d) N. Srinivasan

7. International day for Prevention of Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict was observed on
(a) November 11
(b) November 7
(c) November 6
(d) November 9

8. Who is the new Ethics Officer at the BCCI
(a) Shashank Manohar
(b) Sourav Ganguly 
(c) Anurag Thakur 
(d) Justice A P Shah

9. Who wrote the book 'What Happened to Netaji'
(a) Anuj Khar
(b) Natwar Singh
(c) Anirban Jyoti
(d) None of the above

10. Who became the first cricketer to score 10000 runs in Ranji Trophy
(a) Amol Muzumdar 
(b) Wasim Jaffer
(c) Mithun Manhas 
(d) Devendra Bundela