1. In Y-shaped energy flow model, one arm represents herbivore and the other
(A) Carnivore
(B) Decomposer
(C) Omnivore
(D) Secondary consumer

2. “Bermuda grass allergy” is a type of
(A) Airborne allergy
(B) Contact allergy
(C) Hydroborne allergy
(D) Soilborne allergy

3. Parasites which initiate production of antibodies within hosts are termed as
(A) Endoparasites
(B) Pathogenic parasites
(C) Zooparasites
(D) Homoparasites

4. A change in a population’s gene pool over time is called
(A) Microevolution
(B) Macroevolution
(C) Chemical evolution
(D) Inorganic evolution

5. Which one of the following is not the goal of sustainable agriculture in India?
(A) Maintaining productive topsoil
(B) Reduce the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides
(C) Mechanised farming
(D) Keep farms economically viable

6. Environmental ethics deal with moral relationship of human beings to
(A) the value and moral status of the environment and its nonhuman contents
(B) the values that is important to development and economic growth
(C) the conservation values of selected species
(D) the development of genetically modified organisms

7. In biological systems sulphur is largely bound in
(A) Lipids
(B) Proteins
(C) Nucleic acids
(D) Proteins and nucleic acids

8. The area where two major communities meet and blend together is termed as
(A) Ecotype
(B) Biotype
(C) Ecotone
(D) Meeting place

9. Indian wolf has become an important animal because
(A) It’s name appears in Red Data Book.
(B) It is only an important member of food chain of almost all Indian forests.
(C) Wild dogs disappeared due to their presence.
(D) It has been chosen as a State animal.

10. pH of 0.01 M HNO3 is
(A) 0.1
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 10

11. Which is a correct food chain in the Antarctic ecosystem?
(A) Phytoplankton – Krill – Carnivorous Plankton – Emperor Penguin
(B) Phytoplankton – Krill – Carnivorous Plankton – Squid – Elephant Seal – Leopard Seal
(C) Phytoplankton – Herbivorous Zoo Plankton – Carnivorous Plankton – Adelic Penguin – Emperor Penguin
(D) Herbivorous Zoo Plankton – Phytoplankton – Carnivorous Plankton – Elephant Seal – Leopard Seal

12. Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R):
Assertion (A): The phosphorous cycle in an ecosystem is a sedimentary cycle.
Reason (R): Phosphorous does not occur naturally as gas.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
(C) (A) is true, but (R) is false.
(D) (A) is false, but (R) is true.

13. Pyramid of trophic levels is always upright in case of
(A) Biomass
(B) Energy
(C) Number
(D) All of the above

14. Which of the following is a correct match?
(A) Periyar – Kerala
(B) Ranthambore – M.P.
(C) Panna – U.P.
(D) Bandhvgarh – Bihar

15. Replacement of existing communities by any external condition is termed
(A) Primary succession
(B) Secondary succession
(C) Autogenic succession
(D) None of the above