MCQs on Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation -10

1. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
(A) Specification for environmental management system ISO 14001
(B) Environmental performance evaluation ISO 14040
(C) Guidelines for environmental auditing ISO 14000
(D) Environmental labels and declaration ISO 14004

2. Quantifying the energy and raw material requirement as a part of life cycle assessment, is termed as
(A) Life Cycle improvement analysis.
(B) Life Cycle impact analysis.
(C) Life Cycle inventory.
(D) Life Cycle pre-requisites.

3. Wilting coefficient of a loam represents
(A) The minimum water content of the soil at which plants can no longer obtain water
(B) Water holding capacity
(C) Capillary water
(D) Field capacity

4. The sequence of fossil fuels in the order of higher to lower heating value is as follows:
(A) Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Hydrogen.
(B) Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Coal.
(C) Hydrogen, Coal, Natural Gas, Petroleum.
(D) Natural Gas, Petroleum, Coal, Hydrogen.

5. Which bacteria removes copper from low grade copper ore?
(A) Thiobacillussp
(B) Bacillus thuringiensis
(C) Rhizobium sp
(D) All of the above

6. Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R).
Assertion (A): Increasing temperature in the environment influences gonadal growth in fish.
Reason (R): Increase in day length causes increase in environmental temperature in summer.

Choose the correct code:
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true, and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
(C) (A) is true, and (R) is wrong.
(D) (A) and (R) are wrong.

7. Removal of top fertile soil by water is called
(A) Leaching
(B) Siltation
(C) Weathering of soil
(D) Soil erosion

8. Among total dissolved matter in marine water, chlorine accounts for
(A) 30%
(B) 55%
(C) 12%
(D) 6%

9. Chaparral, Maquis, Encinous, Melleseab are important areas of
(A) Tropical evergreen woodland
(B) Temperate evergreen woodland
(C) Tropical deciduous woodland
(D) Temperate deciduous woodland

10. Which of the following material is not easily broken down?
(A) Cellulose
(B) Hemicellulose
(C) Chitin
(D) Amino acids

11. Difference between mineral resource and reserve is
(A) Reserve implies high degree of economic viability
(B) Resource implies high degree of geological knowledge
(C) Reserve implies high degree of economic viability and high degree of geological knowledge
(D) Resource implies high degree of economic viability and high degree of geological

12. The Indian monsoon period is from
(A) October to November
(B) December to February
(C) June to September
(D) March to May

13. Geothermal gradient in Earth is
(A) Uniform throughout.
(B) Higher in continental lithosphere.
(C) Higher in subduction zones.
(D) Lower at mid oceanic ridges.

14. The highest seismic domain in India is
(A) The Himalayas
(B) The Western Ghats
(C) The Indogenetic plains
(D) The Dhār war craton

15. Algal biofertilizer consists of
(A) Blue green algae and earthworm
(B) Algal biomass and Mycorrhiza
(C) Blue green algae and Azolla
(D) Green algae and Rhizobia



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