1. Phenomenological Research is a

(A) Qualitative Research
(B) Quantitative Research
(C) Trend Research
(D) Descriptive Research

2. Which one of the following is not a type of Descriptive Research method?

(A) Correlational
(B) Causal Comparative
(C) Survey
(D) Developmental study

3. The process of assigning numerals to objects according to some rules is termed as

(A) Observation
(B) Measurement
(C) Analysis
(D) Statistics

4. While conducting experimental research a researcher should control the

(A) Independent variables
(B) Dependent variables
(C) No variables
(D) Extraneous variables

5. ‘Subject Mortality’ leads to internal invalidity of

(A) Historical Research
(B) Experimental Research
(C) Descriptive Research
(D) Philosophical Research

6. ‘Internal criticism’ is a required step in

(A) Experimental Research
(B) Historical Research
(C) Descriptive Research
(D) Philosophical Research

7. Which sampling technique will be most appropriate to draw a representative sample of heterogeneous population?

(A) Stratified Random
(B) Quota
(C) Purposive
(D) Incidental

8. Chi-square test is an example of

(A) Parametric test
(B) Non-Parametric test
(C) Descriptive test
(D) Survey test

9. A highly reliable test is required for the purpose of

(A) Using teacher made test
(B) Testing for research purpose
(C) Dividing students into ability groups
(D) Providing guidance services

10. Deductive Reasoning helps in

(A) Research Reporting
(B) Formulation of Hypothesis
(C) Data Analysis
(D) Tools Preparation

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