1. Creation of a political fund by trade unions under the Trade Union Act is

(A) Compulsory
(B) Optional
(C) by donation from political parties
(D) No such provision in the Act

2. What will be the minimum number of workers required for organizing a trade union for registration according to the latest amendment under the Trade Unions’ Act, 1926?

(A) 7 workers
(B) 10 %
(C) 100
(D) 10% or 100 or 7

3. The minimum subscription rate for members of trade unions of rural workers shall not be less than

(A) Rs. 12 per annum
(B) Rs. 3 per annum
(C) Rs. 1 per annum
(D) No such provision

4. A union may claim recognition for an industry in a local area, if it has membership of

(A) 10% of the workers in that industry.
(B) 15% of the workers in that area.
(C) 25% of the workers of that industry in that area.
(D) 30% of the workers in similar industry.

5. A person is qualified to be chosen as a member of the executive or any other office bearer of the registered trade union if he attained the age of

(A) Fifteen years
(B) Eighteen years
(C) Twenty one years
(D) Twenty five years

6. The registered trade union can collect political fund from its members as a

(A) General fund
(B) Cannot collect political fund
(C) Separate fund from the interested members
(D) Only from political parties

7. Not more than 50% of members of the office bears of Trade union can be outsiders, as per provisions of legislations.

(A) Industrial Dispute Act
(B) Trade Union Act
(C) Mines Act
(D) ESI Act

8. Trade union means any combination formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relations between

(A) Workmen and employers permanently
(B) Workmen and workmen permanently
(C) Workmen and employers, workmen and workmen, employers and employers temporary or permanent
(D) Workmen and employers, workmen and workmen, employers and employers permanently

9.The Trade Unions Act empowers a trade union to create a General Fund for its administration and maintenance. A trade union purchased shares in the Unit Trust of India to enhance its General Fund Account. Which of the following is not correct as per law?

(A) The trade union can raise its fund by such type of investments.
(B) The trade union can raise its funds by such investments with the permission of appropriate government.
(C) The trade union can raise its fund by such investments with the consent of its general body.
(D) The trade union cannot do so as it is an attempt towards profit making.

10. The basic principle underlying the enactment of the Trade Unions Act is:

(A) To protect interests of workers against disregard of human elements in industries.
(B) To regulate the relationship of workers and their organization by regulating the balance of power.
(C) To provide strength to workers to settle the industrial disputes.
(D) To provide security to workers against the occupational hazards.

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