1. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
Institution Location
(A) Khudabaksh Library – Patna
(B) Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute – Pune
(C) National Library – New Delhi
(D) Salarjung MuseumHyderabad

2. Arrange the following Peshwas in chronological order:
(i) Balaji Bajirao
(ii) Bajirao II
(iii) Madhav Rao I
(iv) Madhav Rao Narayan

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
(A) (i) (ii) (iv) (iii)
(B) (i) (iii) (iv) (ii)
(C) (ii) (iii) (i) (iv)
(D) (iii) (ii) (iv) (i)

3. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
(A) In the Persian sources of the late medieval period of India, account on the life of rural society is very limited.
(B) The foreign travellers of the period who visited India in their accounts provide hardly any account on rural society.
(C) The regional literary sources help us to know the life and conditions of the rural people to some extent.
(D) The large mass of revenue records dealing with land revenue are of no help to construct the history of rural society in medieval India.

4. One of the following was not a major result of the Permanent Revenue Settlement of East India Company:
(A) It created a class of loyal landlords.
(B) Cultivators were put under the mercy of zamindars.
(C) It hampered the process of revenue increase to the company.
(D) Agricultural production got a major boost.

5. Who was the Governor of Bengal between 1667 and 1669?
(A) Robert Clive
(B) Verlest
(C) Cartier
(D) Count de Lally

6. The founder of the Nizam’s State in Hyderabad was
(A) Nizam Ali Khan
(B) Muzaffar Jung
(C) Chin Lulich Khan
(D) Mir Osman Ali Khan

7. Arrange the following revolts in the chronological order and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
(i) Koli
(ii) Santhal
(iii) Chuar and Ho
(iv) Waghera

(A) (iii) (iv) (i) (ii)
(B) (iii) (iv) (ii) (i)
(C) (iv) (iii) (i) (ii)
(D) (i) (iii) (iv) (ii)

8. Under which Mughal emperor naturalist trends in Mughal painting reached their apogee?
(A) Humayun
(B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir
(D) Shahjahan

9. Who among the following remarked that, “Unlike contemporary early modern European kings, the Mughal emperors did not depend upon loans from private financiers to meet routine expenditure.”?
(A) Irfan Habib
(B) Sanjay Subrahmanyam
(C) W.H. Moreland
(D) J.F. Richards

10. Match List – I with List – II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
List – I                                    List – II
(Place)                                     (Founder)
a. City of Bikaner                  1. Rana Kumbha
b. Kirti Stambha (Chittor)      2. Rao Bika
c. City ofAhmedabad            3. Alp Khan
d. City of Hoshangabad        4. Ahmed Shah I

a          b          c          d
(A)      1          2          3          4
(B)      1          2          4          3
(C)      2          1          4          3
(D)      2          1          3          4

11. Consider the following statements about Amir Khusrau:
(i) He was a disciple of the Sufi Saint Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya.
(ii) He is said to have written several treatises on music.
(iii) His work Khazain-ul Futuh deals with the reign of Sultan Kaiqubad.www.netugc.com
(iv) The musical instrument Sitar is regarded as his invention.

Which of the statements given above are correct? Select your answer from the codes given below:
(A) (i), (iv)
(B) (i), (ii), (iii)
(C) (i), (ii), (iv)
(D) (i), (iii), (iv)
Answer: (C)

12. Which Sultan of Delhi got Qutub-minar repaired, cleaned the derelict Hauz Khas and erected on its bank a specious madrasah?
(A) Iltutmish
(B) Alauddin Khalji
(C) Firuz Tughlaq
(D) Sikandar Lodi

13. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
List – I                        List – II
(Saint-Poets)        (Compositions)
(a) Kabir              (i) VinayaPatrika
(b) Surdas          (ii) Bijak
(c) Eknath          (iii) Bhramar-Geet
(d) Tulsidas        (iv) BhavarthaRamayana

      (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (i) (iii) (ii) (iv)
(B) (ii) (iii) (iv) (i)
(C) (ii) (iv) (i) (iii)
(D) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

14. Who among the following writers claim that Muhammad bin Tughlaqhad designated Firuz Shah as his heir?
(A) Ziauddin Barani
(B) Shams-i-SirajAfif
(C) Ibn Battuta
(D) Yahia bin Ahmad Sirhindi

15. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
List – I                                                            List – II
(Regional Kingdoms of Sultanate period)      (Ruler)
(a) Gujarat Sultanate                                 (i) Mahmud Khalji I
(b) Bahmani Sultanate                              (ii) Mahmud Beghra
(c) Kashmir Sultanate                               (iii) Sultan Sikandar
(d) Malwa Sultanate                                  (iv) Ahmad Shah I

       (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (ii) (iii) (iv) (i)
(B) (ii) (i) (iii) (iv)
(C) (iv) (ii) (iii) (i)
(D) (ii) (iv) (iii) (i)