1. Frequency is related to
(A) Magnitude
(B) Pitch
(C) Timbre
(D) Vibrator

2. Consonance of perfect sound depends upon
(A) Relation between basic note and its overtones.
(B) Manda and Madhya Saptak
(C) Vibration and Frequency
(D) Length of Vibrator

3. Name the thata of Devgiri Bilaval
(A) Kalyan
(B) Khamaj
(C) Bilaval
(D) Kafi

4. Which scale of Western Music has major, minor and semi tones?
(A) Natural scale
(B) Tempered scale
(C) Dia-tonic scale
(D) Hexatonic scale

5. What is the interval between Shadaj and Pancham?
(A) 3: 4
(B) 2: 3
(C) 2: 4
(D) 8: 9

6. The frequency of Teevra Madhyama ccording to Pt. Bhatkhande
(A) 432
(B) 256
(C) –337½
(D) 288

7. Which scholar has referred to “Chidabaran Bhang” in context of Rasa theory?
(A) Bharat
(B) Abhinav Gupta
(C) K.C. Pandey
(D) Pt. Raj Jagganath

8. Which of the following is required to enhance breathing-control while singing?
(A) Singing loudly
(B) Singing very slowly
(C) Singing on mike
(D) Pranayam

9. Harmony is based on
(A) Metre
(B) Chord
(C) Staccto
(D) Rest

10. Author of Mansollas is
(A) Damodar Pandit
(B) Someshwar
(C) Pundrik Vitthal
(D) None of these

11. Which Raga belongs to Audav Jati?
(A) Jog Kauns
(B) Todi
(C) Jog
(D) Rageswari

12. Shri Krishna Narain Ratanjankar died in which month?
(A) January
(B) February
(C) March
(D) April

13. Notes of Raga Todi are
(A) Re Ga Re Sa
(B) Re Ga Re Sa
(C) Re Ga Re Sa
(D) None of these

14. Bols of Maseetkhani Gat are
(A) Dir Da Rada Dir Da Dir Da Ra
(B) Dir Da Dir Da Ra Da Da Ra
(C) Da Ra Dir Dir Da Rada Dar Da
(D) None of these

15. ‘Sa Ma, Ga |Ma Pa’, Notes belong to which Raga?
(A) Raga Yaman
(B) Raga Kedar
(C) Raga Kamod
(D) Raga Marubihag