1. Which instrument was prepared by Helmhotz for recognizing the ‘Anshikas’ of Mishra Swara?
(A) Microphone
(B) Anunaadak
(C) Naadak
(D) Galvinator

2. The interval of Shuddh Swara Saptak of Indian music (Hindustani) is
(A) 301 Severt
(B) 204 Severt
(C) 96.9 Severt
(D) 227.2 Severt

3. Identify the ‘Kalyan-Mela’ with the basis of ‘Shadaj-Interval’
(A) 16/15, 9/8 , 75/64, 16/15, 16/15, 75/64, 16/15
(B) 16/15, 75/64, 9/8, 16/15, 9/8 , 10/9 , 16/15
(C) 9/8 , 10/9 , 16/15, 9/8 , 9/8 , 10/9 , 16/15
(D) 9/8 , 10/9 , 9/8 , 16/15, 9/8 , 10/9 , 16/15

4. Who made the ‘Cyclic Theory’?
(A) Alain Danielov
(B) Jairaz Bhoy
(C) Kolinsky
(D) Mark Lavy

5. Find correct sequence:
(A) Alaap, Fast Gat, Jod, Jhala
(B) Fast Gat, Jod, Alaap, Jhala
(C) Alaap, Jod, Fast Gat, Jhala
(D) Jod, Alaap, Fast Gat, Jhala

6. ________ is Vrihannala in Mahabharat
(A) Bhishma
(B) Surya
(C) Bhim
(D) Arjun

7. How many Bharatratna for Sushir Vadya?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

8. Only one Persian Music Book available between 12th and 13thcentury is
(A) Nagmate-e-Asafi
(B) Heel Imali
(C) Mu-Arifunnagmat
(D) M-Adan-ul-Mausiki

9. Match List – I with List – II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
List – I                        List – II
a. Madhym gram         i. Sa, Re, Antar Ga, Ma, Pa Dha, Ni
b. Shadaj gram            ii. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni
c. Kankangi                 iii. Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa, Re, Ga
d. Bilawal                    iv. Sa, Shudha Re, Shudha Ga, Shudha Ma, Pa, Shudha Dha, Shudha Ni

a          b          c          d
(A)       iii         iv         ii          i
(B)       iii         i           iv         ii
(C)       iv         ii          i           iii
(D)       iii         iv         i           ii

10. The music of Lochan’s period was based on which gram?
(A) Gaandhaargram
(B) Shadaj-Madhyamgram
(C) Madhyamgram
(D) Shadajgram

11. How many categories of Rag Vargikaran are there in Sangeet Makrand written by Narad?
(A) Four
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) One

12. Which treatise is known as dattil – Narad – Samvad?
(A) Dattilam
(B) Rag Sagar by Narad
(C) Kohaliyam
(D) Naradiya Shiksha

13. What is the name of the Book written by Prof. Ramkrishna Kavi?
(A) Ragnirupanam
(B) Sangeet Raj
(C) Sangeeta Chudamani
(D) Bharat Kosh

14. In which film, Pt. Rajan Mishra - Pt. Sajan Mishra have Sung the classical based songs?
(A) Basant Bahar
(B) Sur Sangam
(C) Devdas
(D) Baiju Bawra

15. How many strings were used in ‘Baan-Vadya of Vedic period?
(A) Seven
(B) Nine
(C) One hundred
(D) Twenty five