MCQs on Hindustani Sangeeth -5

1. Pt. Vishnu Digambar was the disciple of
(A) Bhasker Bua Bakhle
(B) Ram Krishna Vajhe
(C) Bal Krishna Bua Ichalkaranjikar
(D) Vinayak Rao Patwardhan

2. Jaipur Gharana of Kathak dance is specially known for its
(A) ‘Hasta Sanchalan
(B) ‘Geeva Sanchalan’
(C) ‘Netra Sanchalan’
(D) Foot work

3. Concept of Bharat’s ‘Rasasutra’, illustrated by Abinav Gupta is known as
(A) ‘Abhivyaktivad’
(B) ‘Utpattivad’
(C) ‘Anumitivad’
(D) ‘Bhuktivad’

4. Correct serial of foot note
(A) Bhartiya Sangeet Vadya, Mishra Lalmani, Page No., Year
(B) Mishra Lalmani, Bhartiya Sangeet Vadya, Year, Page No.
(C) Bhartiya Sangeet Vadya, Mishra Lalmani, Year, Page No.
(D) Lalmani Mishra, Page No., Bhartiya Sangeet Vadya, Year

5. Sangit Ratnakar is also known as
(A) Astadhyaye
(B) Saptadhyaye
(C) Panchadhyaye
(D) Dwiadhyaye

6. Identify the pair of tala which contain 14 beats
(A) Dhamar – Sultala
(B) Zhoomra – Deepchandi
(C) Sultala – Deepchandi
(D) Mattatala – Dhamar

7. Identify the correct group which depicts the components of ‘Chaturanga’?
(A) Khayal, Trivat, Dhrupad, Dhamar
(B) Pada, Sargam, Bole of Tabla / Pakhawaj, Tenak (Nirarthak Shabda)
(C) Trivat, Tarana, Dhrupad, Khayal
(D) Dhrupad, Dhamar, Sargam, Tarana

8. Which of the following posture is ideal for singing?
(A) Slightly forward bended
(B) Keeping the spine straight
(C) Keeping the eyes closed
(D) Singing in the group

9. Who is the first Woman ‘Shenai’ player of Hindustani Music?
(A) Perveen Sultana
(B) Sharan Rani
(C) Zareen Daruwala
(D) Bageshwari Qamar

10. Which of the following term is used for the wavelength of sound?
(A) Loudness
(B) Pitch
(C) Timbre
(D) Reverberation

11. Ghulam Mustafa Khan is an exponent of
(A) Rampur Sahaswan Gharana
(B) Gwalior Gharana
(C) Bhindi Bazar Gharana
(D) Patiala Gharana

12. Which of the following ‘Gharana’ is known for ‘Ashtanga gayki’?
(A) Vishnupur Gharana
(B) Shyam Chaurasi Gharana
(C) Darbhanga Gharana
(D) Gwalior Gharana

13. This scale is meant for fixed key instruments
(A) Diatonic scale
(B) Sam Swar Saptak
(C) Shuddha Gram
(D) Equally Tempered Scale

14. Major Scale of Western music is equivalent to which scale of Hindustani Music?
 (A) Shankarabharanam
(B) Bilabal
(C) Kafi
(D) Kalyan

15. Several tones or melodies sounding simultaneously form this style
(A) Melody
(B) Harmony
(C) Khyal
(D) Dhrupad



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