MCQs on Music -17

1. Rabindranath used three types of rhythmic pattern to compose his songs such as Akshar Britta, Swar Britta and ________
(A) Tala Britta
(B) Laya Britta
(C) Matra Britta
(D) Chhanda Britta

2. Which one is the biographical presentation of his life written by Rabindranath?
(A) Kabi-Smriti
(B) Jiban Smriti
(C) Pitru Smriti
(D) Rabi Smriti

3. How many matras are in ‘Teora’ Tala?
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 10

4. Which one is the sign of ‘Som’ or 1stmatra of any Rabindrik Tala?
(A) +
(B) ×
(C) 0
(D) ∂′

5. Music Department of ‘Vishwa Bharati Vishwavidyalaya’ is called as
(A) Sangeet Bhavan
(B) Sangeet-Kala Bhavan
(C) Sangeet Vidyalaya
(D) None of the above

6. In which city, Ali Akbar College of Music is situated abroad?
(A) Washington
(B) California
(C) Texas
(D) New York

7. Match the following:
List – I                                    List – II
i. Dha Kit Nakit Taka                         1. Nakkara
ii. Dha Tin Na Da                    2. Tabla
iii. Dhi ƒ kd Dhin Dha                        3. Pakhawaj
iv. Tak Dim                             4. Mridangam

       i ii iii iv
(A) 3 1 4 2
(B) 3 1 2 4
(C) 1 3 4 2
(D) 2 4 3 1

8. Which percussion instrument is from Karnatic music?
(A) Chenda
(B) Kanjira
(C) Maddalam
(D) Pakhawaj

9. In Natyashashtra, instrument is called by which name?
(A) Vadya
(B) Aatadya
(C) Pushkar
(D) Dunduvi

10. The value of first matra (Dhin) of Jhumratal is
(A) 1 1/4
(B) 1 1/2
(C) 1 3/4
(D) 1 4/3

11. ‘Na’ of Tadana is produced on
(A) On Syahi
(B) On Lava
(C) On Chanti
(D) In the air

12. Writer of Taal Prakash
(A) Bharat Bhushan Agrawal
(B) Bhagwat Sharan Sharma
(C) Satyanarayan Vasishtha
(D) Ram Naresh Rai

13. Renowned Tabla player of Delhi gharana
(A) Ramkumar Mishra
(B) Manju Khan
(C) Ilmas Hussain
(D) Lateef Ahmad

14. How many ‘Ghar’ are there in the padi of Tabla / Pakhawaj?
(A) 4
(B) 8
(C) 16
(D) 24

15. Second component of Prabandh is called
(A) Melapak
(B) Udgraha
(C) Dhruva
(D) Sanchari



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