Solved Question Paper for Deputy Central Intelligence Officer (Technical) in Intelligence Bureau conducted by UPSC

 91. Energy Audit to be made compulsory for industries so that it helps to focus the essential requirements of energy:

(a) Consumption
(b) Conservation
(c) Cost
(d) Generation

Answer: (b)

92. Which one of the following type of freezing is preferred so that temperatures are rapidly lowered to 0°𝐹(−18°𝐶) for keeping the ice crystals small, so that upon defrosting, the food is not mushy?
(a) Deep
(b) Slow
(c) Quick
(d) Blast

Answer: (c)

93. With which one of the following technology, a single disc format is used for computer data, video and audio?
(a) Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
(b) Video Tape (VT)
(c) Compact Disc (CD)
(d) Digital video Disc (DVD)

Answer: (d)

94. Carbon dioxide lasers do not penetrate into the surfaces; they are used for which one of the following tumors in body sites where underlying structures would otherwise be in danger of damage?
(a) Cutting
(b) Vaporizing
(c) Liquidifying
(d) Crystallizing

Answer: (b)

95. A method that can be used to transfer information in a manner that violates the system’s security policy is:
(a) Secrete channels
(b) Carrier channels
(c) Co- channels
(d) Covert channels

Answer: (d)

96. Which one of the following Operating Systems (OS) is the process of security configuring a system to protect it against malicious users and software, but also making the system more reliable?
(a) Design Operating Systems
(b) Security Operating Systems
(c) Hardening Operating Systems
(d) Protocol Operating Systems

Answer: (c)

97. Which one of the following is the use of specialized techniques for recovery, Authentification and analysis of electronic data when a case involves issues relating to reconstruction of computer usage?
(a) Computer Analysis
(b) Image Processing
(c) Wire Trapping
(d) Computer Forensics

Answer: (d)

98. Which one of the following modes has revolutionized the informational use of crime data?
(a) Digital Imaging
(b) Digital Processing
(c) Data Mining (DM)
(d) Digital Analysis

Answer: (c)

99. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the construction of artificial brains - electronic system:
(a) That replicates the exact functioning of biological neurons, their arrangement and interaction with the brain
(b) Construction of electronic system similar to the human brain
(c) That reacts with interaction with the brain
(d) Similar to brain without interaction with the brain

Answer: (a)

100. The hydrogen atom is unusual in:
(a) One proton, one neutron and no electron
(b) Not having any neutron
(c) One electron, one neutron and no proton
(d) Only electron, no proton and no neutron

Answer: (b)


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