MCQs on Percussion Instruments -10

1. In which Tala, Farmaishee Chakkardar of Jhaptala will be played without any change?
(A) Ektal
(B) Aada Chautal
(C) Teen Tal
(D) Rupak

2. In which Tala, playing is possible without any change of Kamali (minimum of seven circles) of teental?
(A) Ektal
(B) Jhaptal
(C) Dhamar
(D) Roopkara

3. Which Pakhawaj Player has resided in Kashi for a long run?
(A) Kodau Singh
(B) Swami Pagal Das
(C) Nana Panse
(D) Ram Das Sharma

4. Which Mridanga player is renowned as eminent of Laya?
(A) Pal Ghat Raghu
(B) Ram NadIshwaran
(C) K. Shivaraman
(D) Ayodhya Prasad

5.Tabla player, who had received President Award is
(A) Pt. Veeru Mishra
(B) Pt. KanthaiMaharaj
(C) UstadAbidHussain
(D) UstadKadirBax

6. God of Taal according to ancient treatise
(A) Brahma
(B) Vishnu
(C) Shiva
(D) Ganesh

7. Avanaddha Vadya which is played with Manipuri Dance
(A) Mridang
(B) Mridangam
(C) Khol
(D) Pung

8. Instrument of Tatavanaddha category
(A) Chang
(B) Upang
(C) Karta
(D) Mukhchang

9. Tabla player, who had control equally over all the four main styles of Tabla
(A) Ahmad Jaan Thirakua
(B) Habibuddin
(C) Karamatulla Khan
(D) Alla Rakkha Khan

10. From where, Kuad of Rudratala will start?
(A) 2 1/5
(B) 2 2/5
(C) 2 4/5
(D) 4 2/3

11. In which university, dept. of tabla or percussion, instrumental is not separate?
(A) Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya
(B) Indira Kala Vishwavidhyalaya, Khairagarh
(C) M.S. Vishwavidyalaya, Vadodara
(D) Bhatkhande Vishwavidyalaya, Lucknow

12. ‘Dhama’ the instrument like tabla is used in which state?
(A) Delhi
(B) Punjab
(C) Bengal
(D) Gujarat

13. From which Matra, the composition of Maseet Khani get started?
 (A) 10th Beat
(B) 11th Beat
(C) 12th Beat
(D) 13th Beat

14. The editor of Taalkosh
(A) Harishchandra Srivastava
(B) Satishchanda Srivastava
(C) Girishchandra Srivastava
(D) Lalji Srivastava

15. Nana Panse belonged to the instrument of
(A) Tabla
(B) Pakhawaj
(C) Mridangam
(D) Khola



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