1. Factors contributing to unethical behaviour are
(A) Poor leadership
(B) Poor internal communication
(C) Lack of management support
(D) All of the above

2. Which of the following is not included in the five forces of competition?
(A) Bargaining power of suppliers
(B) Bargaining power of consumers
(C) Threat of substitutes
(D) Strategic planning

3. The practice of selling two or more separate products together for a single price is:
(A) Bundling
(B) Dumping
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

4. In the buying decision process, what is the term used for a person who first suggests buying the product or service?
(A) Influencer
(B) Initiator
(C) Decider
(D) Buyer

5. Strategies formulated to convert a sick unit to healthy is referred to:
(A) Turnaround
(B) Expansion
(C) Diversification
(D) Stabilisation

6. Which one is an international credit rating agency?
(A) Mc Kinsey
(B) B C G
(C) Standard and poor
(D) I M F

7. Marketing myopia concept was developed by
(A) Philip Kotler
(B) Peter Drucker
(C) C. K. Prahlada
(D) Theodore Levitt

8. Emerging market economies are:
(A) A part of developed countries
(B) Newly industrializing countries
(C) A part of developing countries
(D) A part of third world countries

9. What describes the market, product and technological area of business?
(A) Company’s mission
(B) Company’s vision
(C) Strategic plan
(D) None of the above

10. Activities taken up on part time or casual basis to raise income is:
(A) Self employment
(B) Income generation
(C) Entrepreneurship
(D) None of the above

11. The term “Grapevine Communication” is related to
(A) Formal Communication
(B) Informal Communication
(C) Written Communication
(D) Vertical Communication

12. A company using high price and high promotion policy is adopting the following strategy:
(A) Slow skimming
(B) Rapid Penetration
(C) Slow Penetration
(D) Rapid Skimming

13. The number of product lines a company carries is called
(A) Product range
(B) Product mix depth
(C) Product mix width
(D) Product line length

14. Which one of the following facilitates E-Commerce?
(A) Public relations
(B) Direct marketing
(C) Personal selling
(D) Product quality

15. Which among the following will suit the best as location for a chemical plant?
(A) Desert Area
(B) Coastal Area
(C) Plains
(D) Hill Area