1. Which of the following is not a field of industrial relations?

(A) Study of workers and their trade unions
(B) Study of consumers and their associations
(C) Management and their associations
(D) State and their institutions

2. Match the following:

Type of the Union
a. Craft Union
i. Union of Unions
b. General Union
ii. Wage earners in a particular enterprise
c. Industrial Union
iii. Any wage earner
d. Federation
iv. Workers engaged in similar nature of work
        a       b       c       d
(A)  iv       iii       ii       i
(B)  iv       ii       iii       i
(C)  iii      iv       ii        i
(D)  ii       iii       i       iv

3. Which of the following cannot be said to be an effect of industrial disputes?

(A) High Productivity, Peace and Profit
(B) High Labour Turnover
(C) Higher rate of Absenteeism
(D) Higher rate of Man-days lost

4. Which of the following has not been provided under the Code of Discipline?

(A) Unfair Labour Practices
(B) Recognition of Trade Unions
(C) Grievance Procedure
(D) Multinational Companies

5. Who among the following propounded the theory of industrial democracy?

(A) Allan Flanders
(B) Neil W. Chamberlain
(C) Sydney & Beatrice Webbs
(D) John T. Dunlop

6. Which of the following was the first trade union organized in India?

(A) Madras Labour Union
(B) Textile Labour Association
(C) Bombay Millhands Association
(D) Kamgar Hitvardhak Sabha

7. Functional types of trade unions were advocated by

(A) Selig Perlman
(B) Robert F. Hoxie
(C) G.D.H. Cole
(D) S.H. Slitcher

8. The Inter-Union Code of Conduct was evolved in the year

(A) 1956
(B) 1957
(C) 1958
(D) 1959

9. Match the following:

National Labour Federations
Year of Formation
a. All India Trade Union Congress
i. 1948
b. Indian National Trade Union Congress
ii. 1970
c. Hind Mazdoor Sabha
iii. 1920
d. Centre of Indian Trade Unions
iv. 1947

        a       b       c        d
(A)  iii       ii       iv        i
(B)  iii       i        iv       ii
(C)  iii     iv        i         ii
(D)  ii       i        iii       iv

10. Which of the following is not a determinant factor of industrial relations?

(A) Institutional factors
(B) Economic factors
(C) Technological factors
(D) Social stratification factors