1. The Head office of NCDC is at

(a) Calcutta
(b) Mumbai
(c) Chennai
(d) Delhi

2. Rebate is related to ------- type of societies

(a) Consumer
(b) Marketing
(c) Handlooms
(d) Apcos

3. The custodian of minutes book of a society is

(a) President
(b) Secretary
(c) The Registrar
(d) MD

4. Production bonus is given by --------- societies

(a) Consumer
(b) Marketing
(c) Diary
(d) Farming

5. The binding up of a co-operative Society means

(a) Registration
(b) Liquidation
(c) Amalgamation
(d) Reconstruction

6. The constitution of a society is its

(a) Act
(b) Rules
(c) General body
(d) Bylaw

7.  --------- has the right to sign in the identity card of a member a Co-operative Society

(a) Secretary
(b) President
(c) Registrar
(d) Election Officer

8. Co-operative societies with area of operation more than two states is registered by

(a) Central Government
(b) NCUI
(c) Central Registrar
(d) RBI

9. Admission of members and allocation of shares in a Co-operative Society is the duty of

(a) President
(b) Secretary
(c) General Body
(d) Managing committee

10. An important document for the membership in a Co-operative Society is

(a) Minute book
(b) Receipt
(c) Passbook
(d) Identity card

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