1. DTH service was started in the year:
(A) 2000
(B) 2002
(C) 2004
(D) 2006

2. National Press day is celebrated on:
(A) 16th November
(B) 19th November
(C) 21th November
(D) 30th November

3. The total number of members in the Press Council of India are:
(A) 28
(B) 14
(C) 17
(D) 20

4. The right to impart and receive information is guaranteed in the Constitution of India by Article:
(A) 19 (2) (a)
(B) 19(16)
(C) 19(2)
(D) 19(1) (a)

5. Use of radio for higher education is based on the presumption of:
(A) Enriching curriculum based instruction
(B) Replacing teacher in the long run
(C) Everybody having access to a radio set
(D) Other means of instruction getting outdated