1. The great Indian Bustard bird is found in
(A) Thar Desert of Rajasthan
(B) Coastal regions of India
(C) Malabar Coast
(D) Delta regions

2. The Sagarmanthan National Park has been established to preserve the eco-system of which mountain peak?
(A) Kanchenjunga
(B) Mount Everest
(C) Annapurna
(D) Dhaulavira

3. Maximum soot is released from
(A) Petrol vehicles
(B) CNG vehicles
(C) Diesel vehicles
(D) Thermal Power Plants

4. Surface Ozone is produced from
(A) Transport sector
(B) Cement plants
(C) Textile industry
(D) Chemical industry

5. Which one of the following non-conventional energy sources can be exploited most economically?
(A) Solar
(B) Wind
(C) Geo-thermal
(D) Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

6. The most recurring natural hazard in India is
(A) Earthquakes
(B) Floods
(C) Landslides
(D) Volcanoes