1. Good evaluation of written material should not be based on:
(A) Linguistic expression
(B) Logical presentation
(C) Ability to reproduce whatever is read
(D) Comprehension of subject

2. Why do teachers use teaching aid?
(A) To make teaching fun-filled
(B) To teach within understanding level of students
(C) For students' attention
(D) To make students attentive

3. Attitudes, concepts, skills and knowledge are products of:
(A) Learning
(B) Research
(C) Heredity
(D) Explanation

4. Which among the following gives more freedom to the learner to interact?
(A) Use of film
(B) Small group discussion
(C) Lectures by experts
(D) Viewing country-wide classroom programme on TV

5. Which of the following is not a product of learning?
(A) Attitudes
(B) Concepts
(C) Knowledge
(D) Maturation