1. A null hypothesis is
(A) when there is no difference between the variables
(B) the same as research hypothesis
(C) subjective in nature
(D) when there is difference between the variables

2. The research which is exploring new facts through the study of the past is called
(A) Philosophical research
(B) Historical research
(C) Mythological research
(D) Content analysis

3. Action research is
(A) An applied research
(B) A research carried out to solve immediate problems
(C) A longitudinal research
(D) Simulative research

4. The process not needed in Experimental Researches is
(A) Observation
(B) Manipulation
(C) Controlling
(D) Content Analysis

5. Manipulation is always a part of
(A) Historical research
(B) Fundamental research
(C) Descriptive research
(D) Experimental research

6. Which correlation co-efficient best explains the relationship between creativity and intelligence?
(A) 1.00
(B) 0.6
(C) 0.5
(D) 0.3